Saturday, April 30, 2016

Scenes From The Relay

The past week has been the scene of many Relay events. Not all of which yours truly could be at, but there were some, such as last Saturday's "Nevar Lobo's Birthday" party.

It is that time of year that we come together to celebrate my birthday by having a huge Relay For Life Party!  Each year, I use this time to dedicate my year and passion for celebrating more birthdays without cancer.  So This year ... A Team Strange Journey Event is starting at 2pm !!!! 2 PM - Lark Bowen will be taking the stage Live! 3pm - DJ Amethyst will take over and spin some of  my favorite tunes and yours!!!! Come join us !!!

Among those there was a girl in a Twi'lek avatar. But instead of "Star Wars" jokes were jokes about his age, "I need to dust off the walker!" "Don't forget the adult diapers" "You will be seated in the geriatric strap in chair and fed puree'd food and prune juice." "... not sure on the expiry date on the bengay" Nevar looked over to me, "SEE what I have to put up with Bixyl?"

One event that got some talk for some days before it happened was PrettyKitty Gumbo's "Bid Me Bald" event.

Oh the travesty of it!! Oh no... Relay Rockers want me to go bald!!  They are putting the kiosk out tomorrow.. I beg of you do NOT bid me bald. I like my hair!!   Oh why did I agree to do it.. I like my hair.  I repeat do NOT big me bald..  more on this tomorrow. ..sniff sniff. Please I beg of you do not bid me bald. Those Rockers have a kiosk up and they will cut my hair next week.. Oh I love my pretty hair... So please do not bid me bald!

And at 4PM on Wednesday April 27, PrettyKitty Gumbo was with Trader Whiplash and others at the beach on the Arinultra Cay sim. Trader was playing the "Hair" song, which is associated with "Fuzzball" Ortega. Someone thought "When You Get a Haircut" by Ray Stevens would be better.

Ertina Loopen, whom was bald herself, handled the scissors for the event, "... mmmmm maybe a little off the top, then the side? ... Trader said I have to start at the bottom. ... snip snip - Ooops that was close to the ear, but I missed. ... here's a towel to catch the bl... hair."

And eventually the deed was done, Ertina saying she needed to apply a little "Turtle Wax" at the end, "Man that sun does reflect off your head so nice." People were complementing her, "You look beautiful, Kitty!" "Thank you Kitty! Looking good." "Woot way to go Kitty!" PrettyKitty was saying it wasn't so bad in the end, "Thank you everyone! I think." She would later say, "I had people think I was really dreading it. ... They were sweet."

Keep on the lookout for more events by the teams of the Relay for Life in Second Life

Bixyl Shuftan

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