Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lab Chat to Return May 6th

Linden Lab announced on the official Second Life blog that their next session of the "Lab Chat" show will be next week, on Friday May 6. Besides Ebbe Linden, the CEO of Linden Lab, Oz and Troy Linden will be there.

It’s nearly time for another session of Lab Chat - an opportunity to have Lindens answer your questions during a recording session taped in front of a live studio audience. 

This will be the third Lab Chat - and we have some special guests lined up for you. Joining Ebbe, we will have Oz Linden and Troy Linden available to take your questions about Project Bento and other Second Life development topics!

As Director of Second Life Engineering, and Senior Producer of Second Life respectively, Oz and Troy are two of the best people to ask about the development process, Second Life roadmap, and features for Second Life.

Residents from the Lab Chat production team will select questions to ask Ebbe, Oz, and Troy from this forum thread - so be sure to get your questions into the thread no later than Friday April 29th, 2016. 

This time, the Lab Chat recording will be an hour-long audio-only session, but you’re invited to join the studio audience at the Linden Endowment for the Arts Theatre where additional audience questions will be answered.

An audio recording of the show will be available shortly after Lab Chat wraps - so stay tuned!
We’ll see you on Friday May 6th at 10:30am SLT. Don’t forget to add your questions to the forum thread and mark your calendars to join us!

"Lab Chat" is a Q&A show developed after Linden Lab was pleased with the response from residents to the SL12B "Meet the Lindens" and VWBPE conferences. It first aired November 19, and the second episode was on January 21.

More info can be found on the Lab Chat blog at

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