Friday, May 31, 2013

Ask DrFran: Is Second Life™ Addictive?

In her latest column, DrFran answers not an email, but a question by a friend in an inworld conversation. The friend mentioned another friend, and posed the question: is it possible for someone to spend too much time in Second Life? DrFran has some answers, and comments for the questions. It might not be quite what some might expect.

Read DrFran's column in People.

SL10B Preparations: Flying over the Sims

Gemma Cleanslate has been busy at work as a volunteer for the SL10B staff, helping to get exhibitors to their plots and taking care of any problems. The work has been busy, but she gets to see the new builds come up.

Read Gemma's article in Events.

Madpea Carnival to End With "Demolition Party"

The Madpea games area will be shutting down it's Carnival soon, but before it vanishes there will be one last event there, a "Demolition Party" with music, a raffle, and zombies, lots and lots of zombies.

After 7 months of entertaining SL residents with evil thrills, rides and games, the MadPea Carneval is closing down. While we are sad to see it go, we’re also excited to have the space for creating new! To celebrate the Carneval, we are arranging a huge Demolition party on May 31st starting at 12pm SLT!
Details are in the Madpea Blog:

Madpea Base, (54, 66, 32)

Eye On The Blog: "Faster Avatar Loading on the Horizon

By Bixyl Shuftan

In its latest blog post, Linden Lab announces another update for it's viewer ready to be downloaded by the residents. It says it's been updating "Project Shinning - an initiative that will make avatars load and rez more quickly and reliably."

We’ve tested changing of outfits, avatar swapping, and initial avatar loading into worlds, and our tests showed performance gains across the board. Bottom line, Second Life users will experience less time in “clouded” or untextured avatar states and/or completely failed bakes that require relogs.

They included a video, narrated by Torley Linden, with details. The blog post promises "important updates you'll need to enjoy the benefits of Project Sunshine, so update if you haven't yet."

My own personal experience with the new viewer, based on a day's experience, was mixed. Avatars can still take a while a load. But eventually they did, although it could still take a few minutes, even in a place with just several other avatars. For someone used to chat interfaces based on Viewer 1, the communications HUD left something to be desired, especially when getting a number of Instant Messages. When I had to talk to several people at once, I had to log off and go back to Singularity. And once when trying to log on, the viewer just refused to coooperate (picture above). On the other hand, the glitch from the last official viewer of freezes and crashes when making IMs seemed to be gone, when it was working anyway.

Linden Lab promises two more updates, the first being "A server-side update, rolling out soon. It's at this point that you'll began to notice significant improvements in avatar and object load times and reliability." But for those who don't upgrade, the Grid will be a gray world. And later on, "A second Viewer update, released after the server-side improvements are rolled out." It's with this third step that the Lab says users will get "the full benefits of Project Sunshine."

With many residents still using the older Phoenix Viewers rather than the official viewers, it remains to be seen if everyone will benefit from Project Sunshine.

For the blog post: Click Here

Bixyl Shuftan

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reader Submitted: Game Review - Star Wars The Old Republic - Free vs Paid Accounts

Nydia Tungsten is back with another reader submitted article. Having played the Multiplayer Online Game "Star Wars The Old Republic," she wrote a review about the game. The game is noted for Jedi characters having two choices to go: Light Side and Dark Side. But to Nydia, that wasn't the division that truly separated players.

Read Nydia's article in Extra.

Rock N Rustic Ranch

In his traveling about Second Life for clubs, Theonlyjohnny came across one that was a bit different. The "Rock N Rustic Ranch" had a country theme, playing country music. There was also one other feature that he noticed that made it different from other places. So what did he think of the club?

Read Theonlyjohnny's article in Places.

Press Release: Survivors of Suicide

We are a group that provides in world support to those dealing with depression and/ or the loss of a loved on to suicide.  We can make the world a better place together. We have been around since 2009, we are an active group.

Join us!

Survivors of Suicide Depression Support group offers
* Daily positive living and healing articles
* 24/7 Peer support via the groups chat
* Join a community that understands what you are going through, as the are also
* Education about depression and depression related issues
* Referrals to real life resources
* Don't be alone

We have a club house with lots of healing and self help note cards from past posting.  It is a great place to hang out and has greedy greedy and una games out for all to enjoy.  Feel free to come and enjoy and explore. 

Please tell others about SOS buy having it in your profile and./or handing out SOS 1 prim signs that stores, clubs and places in SL can put out to help more people find us.  Talk us up to any bloggers you know and magazine people.

Any help you can provide will be most welcome.

Also seeking a place to host a immersive educational art exhibit about suicide. It will be a walk through exhibit. If you know of anyone with sim space to host this for a month, I would love to know.  Thank you.

Schoomere (161, 48, 23)

Krissy Sinclair
Founder of Survivors of Suicide

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cartoon of the Day

By Bixyl Shuftan

Renaissance Island

Grey Lupindo is back from her latest exploration on the Grid. She had recently paid a visit to a historical sim, Renaissance Island. There, one can see things as they were in 1500s England, with the buildings and clothes. The place also has a number of fun events that locals and visitors alike can take part in.

Read Grey's article in Places.

Kinzart Kreetures and Their Upcoming Gryphon

Although once known by his fox avatar, for some time Grease Coakes has been seen most often in a Gryphon avatar. So when a furry avatar company had plans to make one of their own, Grease took interest and had a talk to the builders. So what goes on with building an avatar in Second Life? Quite a bit.

Read Grease's article in Design.

Wounded Warriors Memorial Day Weekend Event Raises 160,000 Lindens

On Sunday May 26th, the evening before Memorial Day, Veterans Isle hosted a Wounded Warriors Benefit concert. From 6 to 9PM SL time, three musicians performed live for the audience at the stage for the veterans community and friends of. The event was in part organized by guitarist Frets Nirvana.

ABOUT WOUNDED WARRIORS - Wounded Warriors program has developed significantly over the last several years to include advocacy, benefits counseling, caregivers retreats, coping/family services, peer mentoring, warriors to work and many other.

For the first hour, DennyMac performed on stage. From 7PM SL time to 8, Frets Nirvana himself performed for the crowd with his guitar. And in the last hour, Avantgarde Frequency played his piano. Just after Avantgarde got off the stage, Frets made an announcement, "Folks we raised 160k for Wounded Warriors tonight ...thank you to all who supported!"

There was an announcement of another event the following evening on Memorial Day. But events didn't go as planned, and instead a DJ performed for the small crowd.

Veterans Isle holds a monthly concert on the last Sunday of every month for The Wounded Warrior Project.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Events This Week May 28 to June 3

It's an eventful time in Second Life. This week marks the start of the Relay for Life Home and Garden show, with 11 sims and over a hundred exhibitors and a schedule of music events. There's a number of other Relay for Life events as well. And there's our regularly scheduled live and DJ music parties, book & poetry readings, discussions, talk shows, races, and church services.

See the list of happenings in Events this Week.

Star Hunting

TheonlyJohnny recently heard about a hud-based game with an unusual theme. It's like a scavenger hunt. So how does it play and what's the appeal to the players?  Theonlyjohnny went to find out.

Read Johnny's article in Design.

1920s Berlin to Hold Fourth Anniversary Celebration

From Thursday May 30th to Sunday June 2nd, the 1920s Berlin Project will be holding special events to celebrate four years on the Grid. The following was on the 1920s Berlin blog:

On the 30th of may, 4 years ago I opened the first version of our 1920s Berlin sim, it became a much bigger success then I could have imagined and has managed to survive longer then anyone could have predicted. To celebrate the sim's birthday and how well the sim is doing in general, we’re having a few days of fun! The schedule may change at any time, but at the moment it looks a bit like this:

Thursday 30th May:
Keller party, small scale.
We’ll drink, hand out some freebies, dance, chat and invite everyone who wants to to get up on stage to tell about their discovery of Berlin, their life here, to perhaps sing, do a trick or show off another talent.

Friday 31st May:
The Grand Anniversary Dance at unter den Linden

Saturday 1st June
Relaxed Rules Day
11:00 Tea Dance
12:00 Pool party
14:00 Eldorado evening – Revealing new building

Sunday 2nd June
Kids Day!
Special class, playground games, football game

More things will be added and there will be a few surprises too…

Hat tip: Daniel Voyager

Monday, May 27, 2013

Wounded Warrior Memorial Day Benefit Tonight.

In addition to it's regular monthly show on the last Sunday of every month last night, Veterans Isle will be hosting a special Memorial Day show, raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. The event will start at 6PM SL time, and continue on to Midnight. Besides the musicians performing, there will be "a recorded interview that was done live with a WWII veteran."

Veterans Isle (70,216,23)

The First Sims: Minna

DrFran Babcock takes a moment from her tour of the first sims of Second Life to report on the latest area she explored: Mina. Unlike a few of the other historic sims, the place had a number of active residents, one she talked to. So what awaits the tourist who drops by? Plenty.

Read DrFran's article in Places.

"Love and Other Bruises" at Palais Orleans

At the Palais Orleans Gallery, a new exhibition opened this weekend. Named "Love and Other Bruises," twenty artists depict the darker side of relationships.

Read Gemma's article in Design.

SL10B Open to Exhibitors

Yesterday on Sunday May 26, the sims for the SL10B celebration were open to those whom would be setting up the exhibits, or helping out to. All day begining at Noon SL time, exhibitors IMed the SL10B group asking to be made part of the new exhibition group so they could teleport over to their plots. Since applications were closed on May 20th, the exhibitors began getting their notifications in the email. This includes Second Life Newser, which got it's notification a few days ago.

The Newser's plot is in the SL10B Astonish sim, the northeast corner of the event grounds. Like the others, it was 1024 square meters (32x32) with a 269 prim capacity and a 175 ft height limit.

Each exhibitor got a "Cake Slice," with a few notecards and things, made to resemble a slice of cake with the words "It All Starts With a Cube," a quote from Philip Linden.

Among the contents were "Exhibitor" tags to be worn by avatars. The title for exhibitors in their new group was "SL10B Exhibitionist," which got a few chuckles in the group chat.

Residents were asked to drop something on the sim to let everyone know the plot had been claimed. For the SL Newser's plot, there was one object that would tell everyone for sure whose plot it was.

A wider view of this corner of the SL10B grounds. A few other plots had already been claimed as well. While some just had a cake slice dropped, others had at least something set up on the plot.

A couple exhibitors looked like they already were set up for show.

It's still three weeks until the SL10B event begins, so there's still plenty of time for the exhibitors to set up their builds. Including the SL Newser, which will soon have something else in place of "The Hat." Stay tuned for more updates.

Read more in the SL10B blog: .

Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: Second Life U.S. Military Veterans Center

Click Here if video fails to load.

From Bobcat, "U.S. Military Veterans Center, Created by and for U.S. military veterans, active duty and families. Bridging the gap between generations for all services, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard. DAV, VFW, Legion & more. Shop our Navy Exchange and the Hangar!"

Filmed at Patriot Island. The Veterans Center later moved to the Veterans Isle sim.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cartoon of the Day

The tires rezzed last when this car slowly came in to view. That made me think of street thieves whom shove blocks under cars, pop the hubcaps, and take off the nuts to swipe the wheels.

Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bay City Celebrates Five Years

Last weekend, Bay City celebrated five years on the Grid. And what do the residents of Second Life's noted area representing the 20th Century North American urban experience do when their anniversary rolls around? Throw a parade and a dance. The event was attended by many residents, including a number of noted residents and a few writers.

See the article and pictures in Events.

Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble Visits Bay City, 1920s Berlin

Daniel Voyager was on the scene when Bay City had an unusual guest: The head of Linden Lab Rod Humble, also known as Rodvik Linden.

Rodvik Humble who is CEO of Linden Lab today came inworld for about half an hour to hang out with SL residents in the Weston region in Bay City. A large crowd formed around Rodvik within minutes and had a interesting discussion. The reason that Rodvik Humble came inworld will be revealed soon. Wooooot!!!!

Bay City wasn't the only place Rodvik stopped by. Jo Yardley of the 1920s Berlin Project documented his dropping over there as well.

I had invited Herr Humble for a free tour of the sim a while back and was told he would be dropping in today. It was great to finally meet his avatar in person. The welcoming community of 1920s Berlin was very excited to have him as a guest and we all hope his avatar will come more often.

Rodvik Linden is not known to visit the Grid often, at least not recently. Earlier in 2011 not long after becoming CEO, he did make an effort in "getting immersed in Second Life" and he did make an appearance at SL8B. Since then however, Rod hadn't been noticed. Do these visits mean the head of the Lab will take the time to visit inworld more often. Time will tell.

Sources: Daniel Voyager, Jo Yardley.

SL Video: "Second Life Coast Guard - Veteran's Day 2011"

Click here if video fails to load.

From BBFlights, "Simple video of the SL Coast Guard tribute at the 2011 Veteran's Day tribute in the Flying Tiger WW2 Memorial sims in Second Life. Video by Howdy Colter."

Friday, May 24, 2013

Color Out of the Lines

Burn2 is hosting a fun event this weekend in Deep Hole on the playa. It is called “Color Out of the Lines.”  The sim will be open from Noon time Friday until Saturday night at 11:59. Come and express your inner builder. 
There is an ample supply of materials: building blocks, shapes, textures for you already there, or you can bring your own. There are small sandboxes with a four hour return for you to play in.  If you have never built before this is a good way to start. There will be helpers there to assist you. There are already some lovely builds by well known artists on the playa. Music and partying is also going on. 

Check out the blog for more information.
Gemma Cleanslate

Third-Party Exchanger Update: No Additional Authorized Linden Resellers

It's been about a week since the last of the Third-Party Linden Exchangers were closed. AnsheX, owned by SL tycoon Anshe Chung, quietly ceased trading. Podex, owned and operated by Jacek Shuftan, was shut down when Jacek's account was suspended by Linden Lab. On the same day, the Lab announced it's new terms for "Authorized Linden Resellers." Of the many exchangers that had once been operating, only five had been approved for the new plan. Among them was AnsheX.

A couple days ago, Jacek's suspension was finally lifted. He however had not gotten a response from Linden Lab concerning his application to continue trading Lindens. And now about a week after Linden Lab's last announcement, the list of five allowed resellers remains at five.

It's unclear why no additional new Linden Resellers have been authorized.

Bixyl Shuftan.

Angels Beach Land Rentals

At the Angels Beach Land Rental Agency, you can find a new and good home in Second Life. With many sims to choose from, in the Sunweaver Estates, Sherkin Island, and Purrfection, you can choose from a variety of environments.

We offer places with friendly and interesting neighbors. Some places have a tropical island look, others more temperate. Some of the sims have access to enough water to boat around in. And there are plans later on for an open water sim for even more water activities. The sims are home to a number of quality clubs, such as Cutlass and Zero Gravity. In one sim alone there are two quality clubs that work together so there is no lag from them. There are also some small shopping areas available.

The sims range from Mature to Adult, but the purpose of the adult rating is for a relaxed atmosphere in which couples can relax. The places do not allow for harassment, and while there are vendors that cater to mature tastes they are discreet about it. Spaces available range from small plots to a full homestead that will rent out for only $26,500L's per month. Most of the sims break the parcels down into 512 Sqm parcels and and most have a sliding rent scale, so the more you rent the cheaper it gets. Our prices are VERY competitive here in Second Life.

And if you bring a friend to an Angels Beach area, you get more than just a good neighbor. Anyone that refers a renter to us and they rent land, they will recieve 10% of the first months rent. And if someone you know needs help renting out land on his/her sim, bring them to us. Renters who bring in a sim owner needing administration, we will give 10% of our first check.

To learn more, please contact Nydia Tungsten, Brandi Streusel, Jasmine Dawn Shuftan (Orasine Resident), Rel Klaber, or Matoazma Kazyanenko.

"We pride ourselves on on not just renting land but renting our customers the land you want. We listen to what you tell us on what you are looking for."

The Drax Files: World Makers "Episode 6: Abramelin Wolfe"

Click  Here if the video fails to load.

From Draxtor Despress, "Motion capture artist Abramelin Wolfe monetizes his creativity by humanizing our virtual lives -- one fluid movement at a time. He puts his dream of an immersive future succinctly: "We want a universe that we can step into!"

Edinburgh-based Abranimations is run by the Englishman with his Scottish wife who designs colorful mesh avatars. The couple makes their living capturing performances ranging from everyday walking and communicating to 1920's flapper dances and Geisha sequences. They then sell the polished animations in their in-world store to a global userbase by way of the Linden Dollar.

But the virtual world is more about fun than it is about commerce for him, says Abramelin: "Second Life is about other people's creativity. Some of it is beautiful. Some of it is just strange...but all of it is amazing! It is like looking into their minds."

Abramelin's hectic work schedule includes expanding the business to encompass services for the emerging Scottish video game industry, but he always finds time to take long flights over the vast virtual mainland to marvel at user-created chaos and beauty. It's a digital testament to human ingenuity and the desire to exercise that muscle of imagination."

More information at

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Volcano Party at Mount St. Helens

Last Friday was an annual tradition at the Steelhead Community. May 18th is the birthday of local Tensai Hilra. It's also the anniversary of the eruption of Mount. St. Helens. And with Steelhead having their own St. Helens and a population of mad scientists, the result was the biggest lava lamp as part of a party for Tensai.

Read more in Events.

Reader Submitted: Game Review - World of Warcraft

Reader Nydia Tungsten is back with another game review. This time she gives a basic review of the biggest online game of all: World of Warcraft. For those whom haven't yet played the game, here's a little of what to expect if you take the plunge.

Read Nydia's article in Extra.

SL10Birthday Preparations Under Way

Today I got my first peek at the empty SL10Birthday community celebration  sims. I went over to attend a training session for Exhibitor Assistant. Diana Renoir and Doc Gascoigne presented the session and reminded us of our duties. This is a job I did last year at the SL9B and loved it. When the builders arrive on the sim at their plot, before they can build, the EA’s need to give them their tools and help them get settled with all their building rights: music, media. name of the plot, landing points, and what ever else they require.

It is a very exciting and busy time. Then we get to watch the empty sims fill up with marvelous creative exhibits. And so, at this time  the notifications to the builders (and other volunteer applicants) are going out. There are so many it will take some days for all notices to arrive so watch your e-mail if you are waiting.  The sims will open to builders on this Sunday, May 26. The sim coordinators and Exhibitor Assistants will be waiting for them. Let the party preparation begin!! 
I will keep you updated on the progress. Remember it opens on June 16 and will be open until June 29, with stage performances ending June 23. I promise you, no matter how many times you visit you will never see everything there is to see! Though I will start work this Sunday I know from last years I will never see it all! Keep an eye on the Blog! – There will be regular updates and information posted there!
Gemma Cleanslate

Editor's Note: Applications for plots at the SL10B closed on Tuesday May 21st. Acceptance notices for exhibitors should start "coming in the next few days and will continue all week.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cartoon of the Day

Holocluck Henley at the "Skunk Aid 2" Relay For Life dance, looking like he just stepped in something.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Interview With Aurora Avila

Grease Coakes recently went back to the first person he interviewed for the Newser, DJ Aurora Avila. About a year and a half later, this busy avian is still spinning the tunes at AnthroXtacy, and has tried her hand at a little building.

Read Grease's interview in People.

Club Toxxic Haven

In his first article as an official writer for the Newser, Theonlyjohnny Resident takes a look at Club Toxxic Haven. An old favorite of his, the place was once full and bustling. Now, well, it's a different story.

Read Theonlyjohnny's article in Design.

Press Release: Burn2 "Color Outside Of The Lines"

Color Outside Of The Lines brings a May explosion of creation and celebration of mother to the Virtual Playa!

In remembrance of the time of our early beginnings; Paper - empty as our abilities, was given to us along with crayons. So we created art. As paint boxes and coloring books appeared we still created art, now of structure and less of our first faltering attempts. As we grew in our art, “She” (our mother figure) was always at our side guiding us, praising us; swift with tape and magnets to post our results upon the fridge.

She was always there to encourage us and to push us further to use chalk, clay, and anything that came to hand. She was our muse and sponsor, and always gave us permission to COLOR OUTSIDE OF THE LINES.

BURN2 – Deep Hole, Join us May 24th and 25th for a two day event with music and collaborative creative art building. Celebrate the act of art creation and the role of Her(our mother figure).

The Playa will OPEN to the public at NOON on FRIDAY, May 24 at the following location:

Drum, Play, Celebrate: Come join the Lamplighters each day to drum and perform. There are no bystanders.

Create, Share, Keep: Small creative areas are setup for participants to "color outside of the lines" by moving the different shaped objects supplied or adding their own to a group art piece that will only last four hours (take a copy! quick!).

Join us, free your inner Burner, and once again explore art and honor the mother muse we all have. Share the news with friends! See below for more information and to share on all your favorite networks:


Facebook: Label: Burn2

Twitter: Hashtag: #burn2 Keyword: Burn2

Flickr: Keyword: Burn2

BURN2 is an extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of Second Life. It is an officially sanctioned Burning Man regional event, and the only virtual world event out of more than 100 real world Regional groups.

The BURN2 Team operates events year around, culminating in an annual major festival of community, art and fire in the fall - a virtual echo of Burning Man itself

Contact people: Emcee Widget, Ronon Carver, Taralyn Gravois

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Events This Week May 21 to May 27

It's a week full of events in Second Life. For the Relay For Life, this week marks the 100th Anniversary of the American Cancer Society. So there will be a special event at ACS Island today and tomorrow. There's also "Paint SL Purple" and the RFL "Home Expo." This Sunday is the Wounded Warrior Benefit at Veterans Isle. And of course there's our regularly scheduled live and DJ music parties, book & poetry readings, discussions, talk shows, races, and church services.

See the list of happenings in Events this Week.

SL Enquirer: Boxing in Second Life - It's A Real Knockout

We live in a world where standards on genders exist. In one sport in SL, someone's sex doesn't matter. Scroll down to learn more about this refreshing activity. 

Warrior Instinct Nations, formerly known as Averlast, was opened in July 2007, by Karine Koba. Ms. Koba wanted an establishment that provided not only excellent boxing events and equipment to train with for this sport, but also a variety of activities outside Boxing. I will list some of the other pastimes this business offers in a bit. First allow me to tell you how to play in this business’s main competition: Boxing.


Press Release: Happy Birthday to the American Cancer Society

"On May 22nd, the American Cancer Society will celebrate 100 years in existence!  Since 1913, the Society has been at the forefront of many innovative discoveries and has been a driving force in providing services to cancer patients that can’t be found elsewhere. Today, two out of every three patients diagnosed with cancer will survive, due to those discoveries, but the American Cancer Society will not stop until it is three out of three! You are invited to join the Relay For Life of Second Life community as we kick off the birthday celebration with a Celebration of Hope on Tuesday, May 21st from 5pm to 7pm SLT on the American Cancer Society sim.  On Wednesday, May 22nd, we hope you will stop by for the ACS Island Open House throughout the day. Stop in and learn more about the American Cancer Society and all that it offers in world and out.  We look forward to seeing you there!"

Gem Sunkiller, RFL Blog

Monday, May 20, 2013

Art Exhibit “Realism in Second Life” Opens

Grey Lupindo is back and writing again. Her latest article is of an art exhibition, “Realism in Second Life, at the Cuauhnahuac Gallery in Instituto Espanol. Set in a replica of a real-life museum in Mexico, the exhibition features a variety of pictures from Ruben Acajou and Sandralee Palianta.

Read Grey's article in Design.

Tales From the Ghost Forest – LEA14

DrFran Babcock had a chance to check out an exhibition at the Linden Endowment of the Arts area, "Tales of the Ghost Forest." Created by Uan Ceriaptrix, this land is a combination of the "familiar and alien." The artist describes a place in which humanity has left the planet, and new life is taking over, with alien beings watching.

Read DrFran's account in Places.

A Busy Weekend

It's been a busy weekend, with time spent writing about the latest Linden fiasco and last weekend's Relay event, there was just enough time to cover the Steelhead St Helens Party, the Bay City Parade and a little bit of the "Halfway There Fair." If you're in a hurry to read up on Bay City, Daniel Voyager wrote about it. But right now for this pooped Fox Reporter, it's time for rest. More on these events later this week, plus an interview with Pooky Amsterdam.

Bixyl Shuftan

Oculus Rift VR, By Philip Rosedale's New Company, Coming to Second Life

Jo Yardley, the lady known for her work on the 1920s Berlin Project, had a few things to say about something on the more futuristic scale of things: Oculus Rift.

Last month, Second Life's creator Philip Rosedale, who has moved on to found a new start-up company called "High Fidelity," announced "a new kind of virtual reality platform" called Oculus Rift, a "high field of view, low latency, consumer-priced virtual reality head-mounted display." Although the company's primary interest seems to be 3-D gaming, Halmet Au reported that Linden Lab was interested in this technology, with "several Linden staff … working on integrating Oculus Rift with Second Life in an *unofficial* capacity."

Jo states Oculus "truly is a game changer," "I can already imagine myself walking around those dark narrow streets, looking up, down, around me. Finally being able to see my city trough my eyes in stead of the eyes of my avatar. … It could give SL an enormous boost, put it back in the view of those who might have forgotten about it, and it could show off a whole new side of the OC."

Chatting with Rod Humble, Jo quoted him as saying, "Hopefully we will be sharing some vids within a few weeks then get into testing after that. I don't want to overhype this BUT SL+OR is like having dinner with Stefan Zweig and Peter Altenberg."

Hamlet Au called integration an "enormous gamble" that he earlier doubted the Lab would undertake. And in one article Jo Yardley linked to, the writer felt OpenSim would get it first. But it looks like Rod Humble, noted for his experience in gaming, will be having Linden Lab work on it.

Sources: New World Notes, Jo Yardley's Second Life

Bixyl Shuftan

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cartoon of the Day

Uccello Poultry of the Poultry Report finds herself in a potentially cat-astrophic situation in the outskirts of Bay City. Fortunetly Marianne McCann was nearby to give her a hand.

By Bixyl Shuftan