Friday, May 17, 2013

Breaking News: Linden Lab Shuts Down Podex

In a stunning development to the Third-Party Exchange crisis, Linden Lab has apparently suspended the account of Podex Exchange owner Jacek Shuftan, in effect shutting down the business.

Tonight  at 2.00 o’clock all my accounts related to Podex Exchange were put on hold by Linden Lab.
I really believed that the new ToS is meant to protect avatars from the risk of fraud.  That was my goal as well so I was looking forward to cooperate with Linden Lab. I could not imagine that over one night they would want to destroy our cooperation and everything what I built for 6 years of my virtual life. They did.
I believed that they would answer my requests to start discussion. They did not.
All customers whose transactions have not been completed are asked to contact our support. I personally promise that they will not lose their money.
Podex is still working but its Second Life activity is now stopped.
Jacek Shuftan

With the AnsheX apparently having stopped buying and selling Lindens, this development in effect means all Third-Party exchangers have ceased doing business.

Stay tuned for further developments.

*Update* Linden Lab announced they will allow Third-Party exchange services after all, but Podex is still closed.

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  1. I'd been expecting this for a long long time. LL is either afraid of someone making any form of profit (whether it be money, fame, honesty or whatnot) or they want to crush all forms of life that aren't their own brand of business. I'm surprised it didn't go boom sooner.

    Surprised there's no other way to "shut it down" without suppressing this guy's account, though. --- Xym