Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Every spring, the 7Seas Fishing Game has a full weekend of fun fishing in three sims. It is called Fishiversary and there is great anticipation among the fishing community for weeks beforehand.  It will be open from Friday May 3 through Monday May 6. Owners of fishing sites all over SL and some individuals with "fishy business" create little islands where they place custom fishing items for catching. The catches range from special wearable fish, rods, boats, avatars, apparel, to gift certificates. 
The little isles are always worth seeing. Meissa Thorne is building a special center on Osmium region where the 7seas owners, Seven and Jen Shikami will place special gifts.  Parties and contests take place on that main island and there are always wonderful prizes such as bait, which is coveted.  Fishers can rezz a boat there and take off to the other sims and fish for all kinds of magical customs they have created for us. 
Whether you are a fisher or not it would still be a great place to visit just to see the builds in the regions. If you are a fisher this is a great time to fill your inventory with special items. Hope to see you there. I am placing a slurl here that will work beginning Friday morning! 
Osmium (145,130,30)
Gemma Cleanslate

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