Thursday, May 23, 2013

SL10Birthday Preparations Under Way

Today I got my first peek at the empty SL10Birthday community celebration  sims. I went over to attend a training session for Exhibitor Assistant. Diana Renoir and Doc Gascoigne presented the session and reminded us of our duties. This is a job I did last year at the SL9B and loved it. When the builders arrive on the sim at their plot, before they can build, the EA’s need to give them their tools and help them get settled with all their building rights: music, media. name of the plot, landing points, and what ever else they require.

It is a very exciting and busy time. Then we get to watch the empty sims fill up with marvelous creative exhibits. And so, at this time  the notifications to the builders (and other volunteer applicants) are going out. There are so many it will take some days for all notices to arrive so watch your e-mail if you are waiting.  The sims will open to builders on this Sunday, May 26. The sim coordinators and Exhibitor Assistants will be waiting for them. Let the party preparation begin!! 
I will keep you updated on the progress. Remember it opens on June 16 and will be open until June 29, with stage performances ending June 23. I promise you, no matter how many times you visit you will never see everything there is to see! Though I will start work this Sunday I know from last years I will never see it all! Keep an eye on the Blog! – There will be regular updates and information posted there!
Gemma Cleanslate

Editor's Note: Applications for plots at the SL10B closed on Tuesday May 21st. Acceptance notices for exhibitors should start "coming in the next few days and will continue all week.

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