Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1920s Berlin to Hold Fourth Anniversary Celebration

From Thursday May 30th to Sunday June 2nd, the 1920s Berlin Project will be holding special events to celebrate four years on the Grid. The following was on the 1920s Berlin blog:

On the 30th of may, 4 years ago I opened the first version of our 1920s Berlin sim, it became a much bigger success then I could have imagined and has managed to survive longer then anyone could have predicted. To celebrate the sim's birthday and how well the sim is doing in general, we’re having a few days of fun! The schedule may change at any time, but at the moment it looks a bit like this:

Thursday 30th May:
Keller party, small scale.
We’ll drink, hand out some freebies, dance, chat and invite everyone who wants to to get up on stage to tell about their discovery of Berlin, their life here, to perhaps sing, do a trick or show off another talent.

Friday 31st May:
The Grand Anniversary Dance at unter den Linden

Saturday 1st June
Relaxed Rules Day
11:00 Tea Dance
12:00 Pool party
14:00 Eldorado evening – Revealing new building

Sunday 2nd June
Kids Day!
Special class, playground games, football game

More things will be added and there will be a few surprises too…

Hat tip: Daniel Voyager

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