Friday, May 3, 2013

RFL Fantasy Faire 2013 Breaks Record

This year's Relay For Life Fantasy Faire was the best ever in Second Life. As of May 2, over 9,000,000 Lindens were raised to help the American Cancer Society.

According to the article written by Daniel Voyager, a total of 8,783,157 L had been raised by May 1st. On May 2nd, Trader Whiplash announced in Relay chat the total had gone up to 9,020,355 Lindens, or $36,081 US dollars.

Elizabeth Tinsley wrote a commentary at the close on the Fantasy Faire blog, thanking everyone who took part.

In the past ten days, we as a community have done what we never expected to do. One by one we blew through our goals. We broke records. We proved that even though economies may be struggling, commitment has never been stronger. Everyone came and gave what they could. Gave more than we ever dared dream possible. And now we are at a place that is so beyond what we thought we could do that we never even planned for it. We are pioneers, and we have done something extraordinary. We are within half a million lindens of being the most successful fund raising event to ever take place within a virtual world. We are not only within striking distance of making history, we are setting an example of what is possible that will be the benchmark for all future endeavors.

The Relay continues with more events this weekend, including a "Sink the DJ" by Unmasking a Cure on Friday at 10 AM at Strongmoor, a "May Day Chess Tournament" by the Aether Chronoauts  at 2PM at Winterfell Laudanum, a Spring Carnival at 4PM by RFL Pure Heart, Live singer Iche Kamachi on Saturday at 6PM at Serena Atlantis, 7Seas Fishing at Tribute City on Sunday at 7AM at TRU May Day, a breakables auction by Raven's Claw, a Cinco de Mayo dance by Team Fox Star, and many others. And the following weekend, there's "The Great Race of Caledon."

Sources: Daniel Voyager, Fantasy Faire Blog

Bixyl Shuftan

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