Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

It's the week of Mardi Gras. But you don't have to go to New Orleans to party. You can head on over to the Sunweaver and Angel clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: "Best in H," Bare As You Dare, White Night

Happy Vixen: Flight, Best in Sexy, Girls Night Out, Barely There, CAYA

Furry Fashion Lounge: Las Vegas, Monochrome, Noob Night, Synth/Vaporware. Food, Horns and Hooves, Black, Nature/Green, Pokemon, Old School, Faerie Tales

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

Updated 3:30PM SL time

Number of Second Life Users Down to 800,000, But ...

Earlier this month, Backchannel Magazine wrote about the Creations for Parkinsons area, a article that Barbie Alchemi mentioned in a press release. The article gave it's population, or user base, estimated to be at 1.1 million in 2006. In 2013, Linden Lab claimed an active user base of one million. And today, Backchannel stated "An estimated 800,000 users are active on a monthly basis," saying they were told by Linden Lab. While there are a total of almost 50 million accounts according to Daniel Voyager's Second Life Statistic's page, it's not clear how many are alt accounts.

Eight hundred thousand seems small compared to Facebook, which Backchannel stated as having close to two billion users. World of Warcraft, which came around about the same time as Second Life has sometimes been used as a comparison as to how virtual reality hadn't quite caught on the same way as massive multiplayer online games, boasted a total of 100 million accounts (in 2014) with up to over 12 million active players. But it didn't last, and it's numbers of active players dropped to 5.5 million in late 2015 when it's owners announced they would no longer be publishing reports of active numbers. It's probably safe to assume it's dropped further.

Hamlet Au suggested recently in New World Notes that this lower number of active users may not be what it seems at first. Talking with Peter Gray (Pete Linden), he was told, "We've made a number of optimizations to our user acquisition efforts to get more qualified traffic ... As a result, though the total number of monthly actives has come down, the number of paying SL users has held steady."

In layman's terms, Pete Linden says the Lab has changed their advertising to get people more likely to stay and spend time and money in Second Life. Hamlet went on to say he's felt it's more active users numbered closer to 600,000 for some years, "So most likely, dropping from 1,000,000 to 800,000 reported users isn't so much a loss of actual people as a trimming of marketing fluff."

What do you the readers think? Have you noticed fewer people coming in, or has the number of those people leaving been replaced by new users coming in?

Sourcres: Blackchannel, Daniel Voyager, New World Notes

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mardi Gras at Jade Isle

"Fat Tuesday" is almost here. One place where you can have a little Mardi Gras fun New Orleans style is Jade Isle. Designed and built by Frannydj Dean, there are a number of things to see and do here. Gemma Cleanslate went there, and wrote about what she saw.

Read Gemma's story in Places.

Cerridwen's Cauldron: Preview

The Second Life Newser recently heard about a place called "Cerridwen's Cauldron." Owned by Elicio Ember, the man is a first class designer, and has put up most of what he's made up for sale. Recent events, however, have given Elico a sense of urgency as his father has suffered a stroke, and he needs money to make sure he gets better.

One of the Newser reporters is currently writing a review about the sim. In the mean time, one can head there and buy something to support its owner.


Source: Prim Perfect 

SL14B Sims Online

It was just a few days ago in which the theme for the Second Life Fourteenth Birthday celebrations were announced: "Carnivalesque." Over the weekend, a peek at the map revealed 18 sims set up for the event later this year in June.

The letters and numbers carved in the land and water on the west are an interesting contrast to the orange and blue of last year's preview map. Last year, applications for exhibitors and volunteers weren't open until mid-April, though this year the applications for infrastructure builders are already being accepted.

The Newser will continue to keep you the readers in touch about updates of the SL14B as they come.

Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: This Week At The Seanchai Libraries

**MONDAY, February 27th, at 7 pm: Crucible Of Time Continues with Gyro Muggins

**TUESDAY, February 28th, at 7 pm: Ray Blount Jr's Save Room For Pie - Begins with Kayden Oconnell

**WEDNESDAY, March 1st at 7 pm:  James Finn Garner's Politically Correct Bedtime Stories  Begins with Faerie Maven-Pralou
**THURSDAY, March 2nd at 7 pm: Stone Age: H.G. Wells, Part 2 with Shandon Loring (also presented in Kitely, and InWorldz)

All stories told in open voice. All times SL/PT



Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at "Hug A Linden" at the Isle of View. For those having trouble reading the nametag, her name really is "Lost Prim." A name like that probably means trips to the sandbox are a little more interesting.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Scenes From "Hug A Linden" and "Dunk A Linden"

On February 14, Linden Lab hosted the "Hug a Linden" and "Dunk a Linden" events. For residents, this was a chance to meet up with the Lindens, either for a friendly hug or a dunk into a water tank. The Newser was there, and got a number of pictures.

See the pictures in Events.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mouse Hole Manor to Come Down

For a few years in the Sunweaver and Angel Estates, Nydia Tungsten and Brandi Streusel's castle home, Mouse Hole Manor in Sunlight Bay, has been one of the most highly recognized structures in the community. The place has served as the setting of weddings, music videos, group meetings, and a hangout for those of her Angels group. But the castle will soon be gone. Nydia told her group that the structure would soon be coming down.

For those whom want to see the castle before it fades away, Nydia's stated anyone who might have left something at the castle has a few more days to claim it. After than, Mouse Hole Manor comes down, and a new more modern structure takes it's place.

SL Video: "Dancing at the Outer Garden in Second Life"

(Click here if the video has trouble playing)

By Strawberry Singh on August 2016, more details on her blog: https://strawberrysingh.com/2016/08/17/dancing-outer-garden/

Friday, February 24, 2017

CADERU 2017 Valentine

Bloodykitty is back from her hiatus and once again writing for the Newser. She recently came across a place called CADERU 2017 Valentine in Clover. The place is a cozy little shopping district where one can buy gachas and discount items.

Read Bloodykitty's story in Places

Second Life From a Newcomer's Perspective

While longtime residents of Second Life usually can remember details about their earliest days, time and experience have a way of dulling memories. Plus things change over time, and newcomers have to deal with things the earlier residents haven't, such as mesh and Bento. On the other hand, they have access to things like the Destination Guide, and of course the Newser, that those here years ago didn't have. So sometimes we need a newcomer's perspective.

Mangrovejane. a self-described "artist ... A creator of Fantastical Things. An explorer of virtualities and a philosopher on the nature of realities,"had only recently heard about Second Life after reading articles about the art there. So she decided to sign up and see what was there herself, documenting the first five days of her journey. Her preconception was that making an avatar and moving about would be easy enough, thinking of "The Sims" and "World of Warcraft." But that wasn't exactly the case. She had been a little worried about perverts trying to trick her, but instead found people willing to help her out. On day three, she found some examples of the virtual art she was searching for. On day four, she came across the IvoryTower of Prims and the Builders Brewery and took a crack at building.

After five days, she felt she had accomplished much, and had found some preconceptions didn't match what she experienced. She had some advice for other newcomers.

After Learning Island, residents are basically on their own. Fortunately, there are places such as Caledon University where newcomers can keep coming back to learn.

Have a goal or goals and a purpose, "Without a goal, you will feel lost and will quickly become bored and despondent."

Not everyone is out to grief or harass you, "Don’t assume everyone in world is creepy and out to get you and grief you. You will not meet one person who treats you badly or even annoys you in this first week. There will be no drama and no griefing. People will be genuinely friendly and are often happy to give you advice, especially if they know you are new."

Don't believe the hype and bad press, "Go in and make your experience about what YOU want. Think about what you like to do, what you might want to do, who you want to be and live that life. Stay away from the 'adult' areas (unless that is where you actually want to be)."

Don't let those who do try to bother you push you around, "if someone is annoying you…just teleport away. Mute them, block them and go somewhere else and do something else…don’t let someone else’s bad attitude ruin YOUR experience."

If your only experience with interacting with others on computers is from games like "World of Warcraft," always remember, "it took me a little while to fully comprehend it…You CANNOT die in world!!!!!!"

You’re gonna be ok. You are going to get frustrated and the learning curve is going to be steep. You will accidentally get naked in public and not know how to get dressed and be so mortified you mention it over and over again. You are going to run into walls and people while you are learning to move around in the world. You will not know where to go or what to do. You are going to freak out the first time you fall from great heights while flying. You are going to doubt your ability to translate your first life art into second life art and you are going to have a hard time talking to people because that’s just you. When it all gets a bit much, just stand up and walk away from the computer. Go outside. Breathe fresh real air and live your first life. Your second life isn’t going anywhere without you.

And lastly, adventurer….Explore, Explore, Explore.
Mangrovejane is still going about Second Life. You can contact her by IM, or send her a message on Facebook.

Hat Tip: AlmostThere Inventor

Bixyl Shuftan

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at Club Cutlass. Zorro Wuramunga was pretty determined to win the "Pink and Red" event the other day. A little too determined perhaps.

By Bixyl Shuftan

SL14B Theme Announced, Infrastructure Build Applications Being Accepted

The Second Life Birthday celebrations aren't for another four months, in June. They don't even have their logo yet. But already preparations are being made for the event.

In group chat of the Second Life Birthday Volunteers Group, Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne) announced the theme for this year's SLB: "Carnivalesque." Doc went on to say, "and we are thinking of having a masked ball."

On the Second Life Birthday blog, the application for Infrastructure builder, such as the roads, the welcome area, and the various stages, has been posted for those interested to fill out.

We are looking for people who are able and willing to build a sim-wide stage or welcome area for SL14B. The ability to create original content in mesh is required, though additional purchased elements are acceptable. We need the builds to connect to our theme and have to be done before the first week in June.

BEFORE you fill this out, make sure you are familiar with the SL Community Celebration and our build requirements from last year (subject to minor changes) (http://www.slcommunitycelebration.info/infrastructure-build-requirements-for-sl13b/)

If we are interested, we will contact you via email and in-world to set up a time to talk. Please be prepared to provide a sketch of your planned build.

Deadline for sign up is April 1, 2017, 12 pm SLT.

Probably the most noted SLB infrastructure builder has been Mikati Slade, the three-time builder of the "Cake Stage."

Further details will be announced as they come in.

Press Release: Fundraiser At Veterans Isle on Sunday For Homes For Our Troops


Frets Nirvana in Second Life

Frets Nirvana and US Military Veterans Group announce the February 2017 benefit for Homes For Our Troops in Second Life! 

Frets Nirvana, the premier guitar artist in the virtual world Second Life and the US Military Veterans Group announce the February 26, 2017 benefit in Second Life for the Veterans Support Organization for Home For Our Troops . 

Frets Nirvana states:  “HFOT is a privately funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization building specially adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these Veterans are multiple amputees, paraplegic, quadriplegic or suffered severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).  As of January 2017 they have built 229 homes for severly wounded Veterans and have another 85 projects underway.  Since its inception in 2004, over 90 cents of every dollar spent by Homes for Our Troop has gone to directly support Veterans. ”

Home for Our Troops benefit concerts feature premier Second Life talent monthly at Veteran’s Isle.  The concert on February 26, 2017 is scheduled from 4-9 PM PST.  Featured artists will be DJ Waya Snowpaw, Toxie Darkmatter, Paul Nowles, Raven Zenoria and Dirtydee Sweetwater .

ABOUT HOMES FOR OUR TROOPS  - HFOT builds homes as a departure point for Veterans to rebuild their lives, and once again become highly productive members of society. Despite their life-altering injuries, many Veterans have embarked on new careers, completed their college degrees, or started families. Empowered by the freedom a mortgage-free and specially adapted home brings, these Veterans can now focus on their recovery and return to their life’s work of serving others. Many have embraced their roles as motivational speakers, sharing their messages of persevering through tragedy with groups and classrooms around the country; others take to a national platform to promote awareness of veteran suicide, homelessness and PTSD. Their incredible stories are the driving force for the work for HFOT.

To learn more about the Homes For Our Troops visit https://www.hfotusa.org

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ranchan Weidman and the Robotech Roleplay

Ranchan Weidman has been mentioned in the Newser before, as the owner of HV community and a supporter of the newsletter from the begining by providing both the office and the land for it, in addition to building it's 2015 Second Life Birthday exhibit. As it turns out, she's also the GM of a sci-fi roleplay, based partially off the "Robotech" anime, which has gone on for about nine years. She recently talked to the Newser about the roleplay, and a little about how it's gone over time.

Read the story in People.

Fran Seranade's 90th Birthday Party

On Saturday February 18, Creations for Parkinsons was the scene of a 90th birthday party for Fran Seranade. The party actually got an early start the night before for a couple hours. But the main event was from 3PM to a bit past 8PM SL time. At one point, there were close to forty people crowded in the CP Swing Ballroom, which unfortunately resulted in me crashing before I could get a good picture. Yours truly would have to wait until later for a clear one without they grays and glitches.

Barbie Alchemi, Fran's daughter, had stated her mother wasn't planning a party in real life. She would just enjoy the event with her friends in Second Life. The theme of the party was 40s sing and big band. And people either dressed in formal outfits, or in clothing that could easily have been of the era. There would be various live performers singing throughout the party, such as Max Kleen, "We had so many great performers here today."

While at the party, I would see the black and white photos of Fran and her family change like a slide show.  "Fran was the 6th of 7 children," Barbie told the crowd, "she was born in Brookly New York in 1927." Other pictures included her and a childhood friend, "they were both very limited sight and were considered blind at that time," and her high school photo, "she was the first in her family to go past elementary school and graduate."

While most of the musicians were experienced performers in virtual reality, one was making his Second Life debut as a singer: Ron Rosa. A singer in the style of the "Rat Pack" yours truly got a couple requests to mention him in the article, saying for a beginner he was too good not to name, " his voice is nuanced and spot on.  I think he is going to really do well when he gets tuned up."

Following Ron, it was time for the party to wind down. And Fran herself was ready to head to bed herself, "Good night everybody! Thank you all for a GREAT night!!!!!!!!"

Creations for Parkinsons raises funds for Team Fox, a Parkinson's charity. During the course of the party, a substantial amount of Lindens were raised.

Creations for Parkinsons has events on a daily basis, sometimes a few to several on a day. The CP Swing ballroom itself has events just about every day.


Bixyl Shuftan

Heartspeaker Lorefield Has Died

Grease Coakes recently heard that Heartspeaker Lorefield, a storyteller of the Spirit Nations sim, had passed away. Grease had interviewed him in March 2012. Grease felt from recent notices in the group, his health hadn't been good lately.

Grease may have some more information about the man in more recent times, and any memorial service planned, in the near future.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

Valentines Week is over, but there's still plenty happening at the Sunweaver and Angel clubs and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Best in "G," Cowboys and Indians, Fantasy

Happy Vixen: Best in Blue, Happy Vixens, Felines, Best in White, CAYA

Furry Fashion Lounge: Blue, Rock, Leather Latex and Lace, Anime, Crux, Barely There, Rave, Pirates, Mystery and Monsters, Angels and Demons, Heroes and Villans

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

Updated 12:30PM SL time

Press Release: Paint Second Life Purple

To raise awareness and get ready for the Kickoff Celebration of the 2017 Relay season, Relay For Life of Second Life invites you to turn the grid purple starting March 4 through March 12!   Why purple? It’s the official color of Relay For Life because purple is the universal color for cancer awareness and Relay For Life raises money for research of all types of cancers.  We invite you to join us for a special purple celebration day Saturday, March 4 starting at 9am slt.  Tell your friends and help us get the word out for Paint SL Purple week!
How can you participate?  Turn your Second Life purple!  Wear purple clothes, purple hair, and even purple skin. Turn your house purple, paint your grass purple! Do you own a store? Paint your store purple. The goal is for people to take notice!
Take the purple to the next level by forming a team and registering. Check out our website, relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/ for information on how you can register a team and join in Relay.
To help with your overall purpleness, we’ll be sending out a Paint SL Purple kit too!  You can also get the kit after March 4 at this SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/American%20Cancer%20Society/112/46/24 on American Cancer Society Island.
Our purple reign on the grid started in 2009 and has been growing each year. Tell us about all the purpleness you see on the Relay For Life of Second Life’s Facebook page, http://facebook.com/rflofsl or on Twitter, @RelayForLife_SL. Use the hashtags,  #RelayForLifeSL and #PaintSLpurple. You can even take purple out to the rest of the web by painting your Facebook and Twitter pages purple too!
The theme of the 2017 Relay For Life of Second Life season is “Passport To Hope”. The Steering Committee is comprised of  the 2017 Relay for Life of Second Life Chair Nuala Maracas, and co chairs Grace Loudon and Leala Spire.

About Relay For Life of Second Life

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing in Second Life for 13 years. In 2005, the first Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society. As of July 2014 RFL of SL ranked number 17th in donations received among more than 5600 relay events held worldwide. As of January, 2017 RFL of SL celebrated raising 3 million US dollars to support the mission of the Society to 'Save Lives, Celebrate Lives and Lead The Fight for A World Without Cancer!

About the American Cancer Society

For more than 100 years, the American Cancer Society has been working to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays and is the world leader in the fight to end cancer. Together with our global partners and millions of supporters, the American Cancer Society carries out its mission to Save Lives, Celebrate Lives, and Lead the Fight for a World Without Cancer.

For More Information:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Madpea International Food Fair Taking Place Until March 4

Madpea Productions, the company in Second Life noted for it's detailed games over the years, is running a charity event in cooperation with Feed a Smile, the Madpea International Food Fair. The event started on Saturday with musicians such as Shannon O'herlihy performing. Due to the lag, some attending watched from just past the sim border not far from the stage, or stayed near the TP point and donated to kiosks near there.

The "Queen Pea" Kiana Writer was among those at the Saturday events  On the event's webpage, the group stated, "Our goal is building a kitchen for impoverished school children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. The MadPea International Food Fair will raise funds for the kitchen with the help of some of the grid’s top designers, who will sell exclusive food-themed items and gachas throughout the event with 50% of all earnings going toward Feed a Smile. Additionally, donations will be accepted throughout the fair. The fair will be a full cultural feast; alongside the awesome shopping, live musicians and DJs will provide music at the festival’s Center Stage virtually round-the-clock."

By Sunday, the total amount raised had passed the one million Linden mark. 

Madpea has done charity events before. In October 2015, they raised over a million and a half Lindens to help build a school in Africa

The Food Fair will have at least two performances every day, today having Beth Odets at 2PM and Zak Claxton at 6PM, with four performances tomorrow Tuesday February 21. The closing party will be on Saturday March 4 from 1-3PM SL time.

For more information on the Food Fair, and the latest fundraising total, check the page at http://www.madpeagames.com/events/madpea-international-food-fair/ . To see the event stage yourself, head to Harms Way (171/151/1234) .

*Update* According to Modem World, the "Live and Learn" charity, which gets a third of it's money through Second Life "Feed a Smile" fundraisers, the people Madpea is partnering with in this event, recently had their outdoor kitchen wrecked due to bad weather.  The new kitchen will be a sturdier and more hygenic indoor one.

Second Life Website's Community Platform To Be Moved To New Server, Forums To Be "Read Only" During Move

A few days ago, Linden Lab announced there would be some changes to the Community Platform on the official Second Life website. The new looks comes live on Monday February 27. But before that, the Lab will be moving the data from the server the platform is now to the new one. And this will take several days. So starting Tuesday February 21, and going onto part of February 27, the official Second Life forums will be set to "Read Only." So no new entries can be made at this time, but existing ones should be available to be read as before.

Exports require that the forums be put into “read-only” mode during the export process.  What that means for you is that during that time you’ll be able to read the forums, but not publish new posts until the export job is complete. Our hope is that by doing this we will avoid any gaps in the content as we import it into its new home.
The current timeline is as follows:

February 21st through February 27th -  The forums will go into read-only mode. Our hope is to have the new site live sooner than the 27th, but we want to be sure things go smoothly.

February 27th - The new platform goes live and the forums are taken out of read-only and full posting functionality is brought back online.

To read the Linden blog post in full: Click Here.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Song Parody: "Mesh Heads"

(Sung to the tune of "Fish Heads")

Mesh Heads. Mesh Heads.
Multi Poly Mesh heads.
Mesh Heads. Mesh heads.
Clean them up some!


Went to Luskwood
everyone was Jelly.
No they were not Jealous -
they'd all become grapes.

How can one head
have a million faces?
Even a diamond's
not that bad.

My new avatar;
supposed to look the greatest.
It should load in about
a day or so.

Thousands per face!
Double for a sweater!
We don't need great detail
of your gums!

Mulity Poly Mesh heads are usually seen in virtual restaurants impersonating oriental women
... or cats.

To hear the song: Click Here 

Song and lyrics by Shockwave Yareach

Announcement: American Cancer Society Island Re-Opening Event

Please join us on Sunday,February 19 3pm SLT for the Grand Reopening of the newly designed American Cancer Society Island and a special dedication / opening of the new memorial gardens.
Special guest speakers, tours of the island and dancing.

Landmark to follow on Sunday

Hope to see you there .


Crew Meeting

Saturday February 11 was when the Newser had it's staff meeting. The meeting took place in the Newser office in HV Community. Gemma Cleanslate was busy with helping to make the One Billion Rising video, and Kain Scalia and Grease Coakes were having real-life matters to deal with. So that left Deaflegacy, Mylie Foxclaw, and myself. Also coming by was MajikVixen, whom stated she might be able to end her hiatus soon, depending on her real-life schedule.

Majik's appearance was that of a multicolored KittyKats breedable, the same kind as the Newser's mascot "Chilly." She had taken one, and made it her avatar.

We discussed a few things, such as the upcoming One Billion Rising and "Hug a Linden/Dunk a Linden," and a few ideas for articles.

Be sure to keep watching to see what the writers of the Second Life Newser report on.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Valentines Day Events Around Second Life

Valentines Day is  good occasion for a party. And this week across Second Life there were a number of them either named as such or had similar themed such as formal dances. The Newser was there to get pictures of a few.

See the pictures in SL Clubbin'.

SL Video: Red Cherry

(Click here if the video doesn't play)

From Furry Andy in March 2015

Announcement: The Science Circle Presents “Measuring the Universe With Digital Surveys”

When: Saturday, February 18th
Time: 10 AM PST
In Voice and Text chat

By Giuseppe Longo

A large part of what we know about the cosmos comes from what the astronomers call “surveys”, i.e the imaging of large portion of the sky conducted in a systematic fashion and when possible in multiple colors. Survey astronomy requires dedicated telescopes finely tuned to cover a large field of view and large detectors capable to capture several square degrees of the sky at once.

In the past these surveys consisted mainly in huge archives of photographic plates which had to be visually inspected and analysed. Nowadays, large field digital detectors allow to acquire and store the information in digital form and this has caused a true revolution in field. The huge volume of data produced by an average survey is so large to make impossible for a single researcher or group of researchers to exploit all the scientific applications of the data and therefore data become immediately or almost immediately public thus allowing a large, worldwide community to access first quality data. The talk will try to outline these and other aspects of survey astronomy.



Friday, February 17, 2017

Scenes From One Billion Rising

On Tuesday February 14, many residents were at the Isle of View's "Hug a Linden/Dunk a Linden" or other Valentines Day themed happenings. But the event that most likely got the largest attendance was not a romance-themed one, but one that was part of a worldwide demonstration against violence on women and in support of women's rights globally: the One Billion Rising. Gemma Cleanslate was one of the volunteers for the event. Bixyl Shuftan dropped by briefly and took a few pictures of his own.

See the pictures in Events.

Fanny Starr To Present Holocaust Discussion on Youtube, Feb, 22

One of the oldest residents in Second Life is FannyStarr Hilltop, Fanny Starr in real life. As a Holocaust survivor, she has on occasion talked about her experiences in Second Life, such as in March 2015 when she spoke at the VWBPE conference. Later this month, she will be having another discussion. But it will be on Youtube, and not Second Life.

"We tried to have it in SL, too many people," Explorer Dastardly, FannyStar's real-life daughter, told the Newser, "At least 1000 or more on live Youtube that we know of. ... The sims would crash, so I asked Spiff, and one idea was Youtube live." As of now, there are no plans for an inworld location of any kind where the event will be discussed, "I wanted to use cookie, the amp theater, but only 40 avatars allowed. But on Youtube you'll be able to ask questions. We will have a moderator."

Despite the efforts of historians and people like her to educate the public, Holocaust denial is still an issue. "It's a very serious issue, on grand scale worldwide." She went on to say the problem wasn't just neo-Nazis and radical Muslims, but people in politics and business whom were either incompetent or just didn't care. She cited one Huffington Post news article about Amazon allowing the sale of books calling the Holocaust a "myth", and a Washington Post story in which this year's annual statement from the White House on International Holocaust Remembrance Day failed to mention the six million Jews whom were murdered. Of the later, she felt was probably a sign of ineptness rather than malice, "We don't know, but its caused a lot of fear and hate. We'll talk about that next Wed. night."

The event is on Wednesday, February 22 at 6:20PM SL time, with the link at

Bixyl Shuftan

* * * * *

Our Mission

My husband I decided to carry on a painful legacy, and we wanted to fight Holocaust denial. I’m braver than the other survivors; I want people to listen. No one can attempt to identify the faith that humanity can learn from its mistakes. We use live technologies, and other live venues followed by discussions to promote awareness and understanding of the Holocaust from a living witness.

I have a mission to complete to tell the world what happened, especially to the deniers. 

We cannot forget the blessed memories: My family, my late husband, and his family and my late son Morris. I cherish my daughters Hilda, and Helen. I cherish my son-in-law Irwin, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Please join us; we know you cannot make it to CSU's Holocaust event featuring Fanny Starr, Holocaust Survivor.  Please join us on YouTube live, on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

How To: 

YouTube Live Access Link: Available on February 22, 2017 at  6:20 pm

Steps to Access the Live Event
Step 1. Click the link the arrow is pointing to

Step 2.  Once the link is open look for the Subscribe button. Click on it and accept.

Step 3. Click on the power button

Step 4.  Sit back, watch, and listen 

Best Regards

Fanny Starr and Helen R. Starr

Any information shared by Fanny Starr and Helen R. Starr is protected by intellectual property and copyrights. Thank you

Announcement: RFL Ministry of Dance

DESIGNERS, FRIENDS, Anyone who cares about cancer, how big or small or little you think you can do, every person can make a change in some way!   and to TODAY i am opening up the 9th YEAR of Ministy of Dance,
Please support us and help give cancer the boot (or both hind hoofs if you're a pony). Every little no matter how small helps!

Safra Nitely

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at Creations for Parkinsons. Whatever this girl is doing with a prim build of Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, one only can only guess.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Michael Linden Has Left Linden Lab

Following some questions about Michael Linden, the Newser discovered through an article by Marianne McCann published though Modem World that he had left the Lab after ore than 13 years in service. He was noted with his direction of the Department of Public Works, which has created many projects from Bay City to the recent Horizons Residential area and game. The Newser got permission from Marianne to reprint the article. One might also want to check out Hotel Adriano, Michael Linden's home in Second Life, at Shamon (65/96/29).

*  *  *  *  *

Over the weekend of February 11th and 12th 2017, it was noted that Michael Linden’s profile was not showing up in Second Life search, nor was he showing as a member in several groups within his profile. Many began to question if he had left Linden Lab, and – given he was known as the head of the Linden Department of Public Works – if the LDPW was being shuttered.
At the Bay City Alliance meeting on the 14th of February, a trio of LDPW staff, Shaman Linden, Squishy Mole, and Sylvan Mole, attended in part to address these concerns.

Speaking at the meeting, Sylvan Mole confirmed that Michael has indeed left Linden Lab, but was unable to give many specifics. It is assumed that he left of his own accord.

Michael Linden started with Linden Lab in the autumn of 2003 as an in-world Liaison, moving briefly to Governance in 2007 before becoming one of the heads of the LDPW with the former Blue Linden. The LDPW has expanded to include several Linden staff members and a fair number of “Moles,” as the resident contractors working on content for Second Life are known.

One of the first projects released by the LDPW under Michael was the Bay City mainland regions. Last week, Michael added a rail and boat terminal to Bay City, in the Grub Beach region. It is believed that was his last project under his Linden name.

Michael has been heavily involved in the past with vehicles as a Resident, in particular with Second Life railway projects. It is expected that he will again do so, but no longer as a member of Linden Lab’s staff. Resident and Linden alike will miss his presence within the LDPW.

As to the question of the LDPW’s future, they are most certainly still an ongoing department under Patch Linden, with Shaman, Dee, Keira, Kona, and Vitae Linden as an active part. As we’ve seen, the LDPW has just recently completed the multiple-region residential and experience-laden Horizons project, and they have several current and future projects on their plates.

Those of us who know Michael will miss his presence and guiding hand as a Linden, as well as his sense of fun. We all hope he enjoys every success wherever his career and work take him, and offer three cheers as he sets sail to pastures new.

Many thanks, Michael for your years of work within Second Life!

Marianne McCann

Press Release: "Birthday Bash" at Creations For Parkinsons

Birthday Bash Benefit - Fran Turns 90
Saturday February 18th 3-9pm slt
6 Hours of Live Music
CP Swing Ballroom on Creations Park
All donations go to The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.
Attire: Formal or 40's vintage

3:00 Max Kleene
4:00 Agatha
5:00 Greg Kat
6:00 DirtyDee Sweetwater
7:00 Robbie Downing
8:00 Quartz

Fran said she did not want a 90th Birthday Party in Real Life, she only wanted a party in Second Life. And this will be a Birthday Bash to remember with 6 hours of live music.

Fran became famous in Second Life through this heart touching video: The Drax File: World Makers- Episode 13 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyiiWxNguGo&feature=youtu.be

Fran says "I may have Parkinson's, but it does not have me." At 90 "years young," she is active in Second Life and is thrilled to see herself running and dancing again.

Fran's daughter Barbie Alchemi tells us that their RL Dad died with Parkinson's. Exactly one year later Mom was diagnosed with the same disease. However due to the time Fran spends in Second Life her progression has been noticeably slower.

In honor of this remarkable woman, five years ago their family started Creations for Parkinson's and has raised 9.5 Million Linden which is approximately $38,000 US Dollars for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. "We are hoping to raise another 500,000 Linden this week to reach our 10 Million Linden goal." The Creations Park sim has was built with love to include all of Fran's favorite activities. We hope you can feel that love while you are enjoying yourself here.

Fran's party will have six live singers performing during the day at Creation Park's newest addition, CP Swing Big Band Ballroom. It is a 40's era ballroom built as a re-creation of the Savoy Ballroom which was the birthplace of swing dancing. Here we can all enjoy the wonderful music of Fran's teen years. It brings back happy memories for Fran of "taking air" which are those amazing areal Swing dance moves. The crowd used to make a circle around Fran and her partner as they became the floor show.

The Birthday Bash Benefit will be held in this Ballroom. Attire for the event is formal or 40's vintage. There will even be a short slide show of Fran in the 40's.

Actually the festivities will start the night before on Friday February 17th 7-9 with a tribute to Vaugn Monroe and the Moon Maid. One of Fran's closest friends Tinker was one of the original Moon Maids.

We are thrilled to have this wonderful article release 2 days ago in BackChannel:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An Event-Filled Valentines Day

Quite a bit happened yesterday, Valentines Day. At the Isle of View, the Lindens had their "Hug a Linden" and "Dunk a Linden" events. But more went on that day.

In the OBR sims was the "One Billion Rising," part of a worldwide demonstration in support of women's rights in all countries, not just those in the developed world.

There were other events, Creations for Parkinson's, Safra Nitely's place, and the Happy Vixen. But more will be written about these events later. It's been a big day, and time to rest and recharge before we get into details.

Bixyl Shuftan

Press Release: Zamargad Sim Grand Opening Event!

Dip yourself in your finest fantasy pixels and let your inner beauty frolic!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canadiana/52/103/21 is the Zamargad Sim Grand Opening Party Parcel, with a field trip to follow, to the actual Zamargad sim at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zamargad/143/108/21 on Thursday, February 16th, 2017.

This is intended to be an all day event featuring a buffet, DJs, musicians, and fun seeking supporters celebrating the initiation of the Zamargad sim to the public. 

Zamargad is a Majikally Dark, Unseelie Fae, and poetic themed place, dedicated to those who wander the night in search of truth and beauty amidst the common world of chaos.  Here one will find all kinds of secrets waiting to be uncovered.  May everyone enjoy getting lost in them and never want to return to reality! 

It is also the new home of the ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) store, "Fly To Our Wicked Sanctuary, Like A Bat Out Of..." offering unique things with a touch taboo, dark miscellanea, and mysterious accessories to enlighten your home or wardrobe.  As well as an Advertisement Level filled with cheap, large billboards seen by frequenting gamers of games ranging from Lindo, Treasure Quest, The Vault, LGH Trivia, Skippo, to raffles and more.

Suggested dress code highly recommends fantasy (i.e. Fae, Elves, Dragons, Furries, Witches, Goth, etc.) ...but no one will be turned away for coming simply as they are!  Everyone and their mother is invited to come!

Entertainment starts at 5pm SLT with DJ Astoria Luminos, who has been creating unique event playlists in SL since 2009. 

At 6pm, David Csiszer takes the stage, a Songwriter/Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist who delivers an unique array of original songs as well as classic cover tunes ranging from alternative & acoustic rock to blues & jazz. 

Beth Odets, who has been playing violin for 33 years, and is a classically trained concert violinist who is now the greatest itinerant fiddlist in Second Life, will share her many talents and professional antics at 7pm. 

Gracing the stage at 8pm for a fun journey will be Vinnie of The Vinnie Show, winner of 2016 Avi choice for Favorite Acoustic and Original songs, who will sing current favorites to Classic Rock & Pop, plus ORIGINALS - all acoustically. 

Finally, at 9pm, DJ Moonryme will be leaving everyone with songs of dark happiness that range from trance, EBM, industrial, darkwave, to retro. 

Everyone is encouraged to explore Zamargad at their leaisure, as all parcels will be tuned into each entertainer's stream during their performance.  More details about the artists are available in the inworld invitation, or by contacting David Csiszer's Manager, Nyna Slate-Sands (nyna.slate), or The Vinnie Show Manager, daallee rhapsody™ (daallee), or by contacting Astoria Luminos, Beth Odets, or Moonryme directly.

Zamargad is both home and business to MajikVixen (bluevioletvixen.lorefield) and ਹөƞ ƇƸяתߎɳŋøϟ  (joncernunnos) of ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats).  Thanks go out to each and every one of their friends and family, for their love and support (the extensive list can be found in the inworld invitation).  For a free copy/trans inworld invitation, please contact Majik or Jon, or join the ^v^/<|;) group, Group Key: 0dceeb4c-62ab-9436-ca6a-5f46106681b4

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

It's Valentines Day week, so get set for some romantic themes (and non-romantic ones for those who call it 'Happy stick-it to singles Day') at the Sunweaver and Angel clubs and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Best in "F", Red and Pink, Formal Night

Happy Vixen: Pink and Red, Valentines Dance, Leather and Lace, Formal Party, CAYA

Furry Fashion Lounge: Prom, Metal Anarchy, Rock, Mad Science, Tim Burton, Genderbender, Plushies, Wings, Cybernetics, Wings

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

The Valentine Interview - Part 2

It's Valentines Day. For the men out there whom are prepared and sure of their gift: congratulations. For those who've waited until the last minute, or haven't had much luck in getting someone a romantic gift, this article just might be for you. In her second of two Valentines Day articles, she sought answers to the question "what do women want?" in regards to a romantic gift. Asking several women, she got several different answers.

Read more in People.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cartoon of the Day: Feeling Sheepish

Taken at the Happy Vixen. In a place filled with foxes and felines, someone in a sheep avatar is going to stand out. But this girl takes it in stride.

By Bixyl Shuftan

The Valentine Interview - Part 1

Valentines Day is coming. So that means residents getting a little something romantic for their special someone. But what to get? What do women want and what do men want? Mylie Foxclaw decided to find out. For the second part of the question, she interviewed several gentlemen about what would their ideal Valentines Day gift. The responses varied.

Read Mylie's article in People.

Avatar Review: The Fluff Fox by Cloak Farigoule

In his latest article, Grease writes about the Fluff Fox avatar, designed by Cloak Farigoule. While some furry avatars allow the owner to change the eye or hair color, the fluff goes further in that one can change the color of the whole thing. Grease managed to find Cloak and ask him a few questions.

Read Grease's story in Design.

"Hug a Linden" And "Dunk a Linden" at Isle of View on Valentines Day

Valentines Day is coming, and there will be many Valentine-themed events (and a few anti-valentine events for those who think of it as 'Happy Stick-It to Singles Day') across the Grid. Linden Lab will be having it's own events on the Isle of View: "Hug a Linden" And "Dunk a Linden." Both events will be taking place at once on Tuesday February 14 from 10AM-12 Noon SL time, and 2-4PM SL time.

Roses are redViolets are blueCome hug and dunk some LindensAt the Isle of View!

...  join us at the Isle of View for a chance to hug and dunk some Lindens. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your one and only - when else are you going to get the chance to cozy up to a Linden or send one shrieking into the depths of a dunk tank? An opportunity like this comes around about once a year — so don’t miss out.

To read the blog post in full, Click Here.

For several years in it's earlier days, Linden Lab would hold "Kiss a Linden" events in the Isle of View and Isle of View 2 sims, sometimes called "Valentine Island," while holding "Hug a Linden" events in the Teen Grid. But Linden Lab would close the Teen Grid in January 2011, and February that year would see the last of the "Kiss a Linden" events, none being held next year in 2012. At the time, it was seen as part of a trend of Linden Lab distancing itself from the residents.

The Isle of View would be gone until 2014. But it wouldn't be until last year in February 2016 in which Linden Lab would start Valentines Day events with a new and larger four-sim Isle of View, bringing back "Hug a Linden," and adding a new event: "Dunk a Linden."

Happy Valentines Day.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle of View 2/84/79/107/

Bixyl Shuftan

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Press Release: Relay For Life of Second Life Team Registration Opens Today

Second Life Residents Invited To Participate in the World's Largest Virtual Fundraising Event!

Relay For Life of Second Life Team Registration opens at 6 am SLT on Sunday, February 12, 2017.

Led by Event Leadership Team chair Nuala Maracas and co-chairs Leala Spire and Grace Devin, the 2017 season kicks off March 5th and continues through Relay For Life Weekend in Second Life on the 15th and 16th of July. The theme for the 2017 Relay season is “Passport To Hope".

Team Registration Details
•    Captains may register their teams beginning Feb 12th by visiting http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/    
     and clicking the TEAM REGISTRATION button.
•    Teams are recommended to have at least 5 members
•    Captains will be asked to set a goal for their team.  
•    Teams who meet the minimum fundraising levels will be eligible for a campsite and for real life prizes and awards.

A new Supporter category has been created to give credit to non-team entities who in the past have
raised funds for Relay using General Donations kiosks.These businesses, clubs or organizations can contact PrettyKitty Gumbo in world to be assigned a “Supporter” number and receive fundraising tools.

"This year we are not just going to think outside the box," said  event Chair Nuala Maracas. "We are going to Break The Box! Together we are going to make a difference. Together we are going to help our American Cancer Society finish this fight!"

About Relay For Life of Second Life

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing in Second Life for 13 years. In 2005, the first Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society. As of July 2014 RFL of SL ranked number 17th in donations received among more than 5600 relay events held worldwide. As of January, 2017 RFL of SL celebrated raising 3 million US dollars to support the mission of the Society to 'Save Lives, Celebrate Lives and Lead The Fight for A World Without Cancer!

About the American Cancer Society

For more than 100 years, the American Cancer Society has been working to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays and is the world leader in the fight to end cancer. Together with our global partners and millions of supporters, the American Cancer Society carries out its mission to Save Lives, Celebrate Lives, and Lead the Fight for a World Without Cancer.

For More Information: