Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lorena Chung Estates: Security Orbs

You've had a hard day at work in real life. So now that you finally have a break, you log onto Second Life, rezz into your virtual home, and just as you're starting to relax, listening to the music and slowly watching the virtual sunset. Then all of a sudden, you see the words, "Found you, you loser!" Then your screen and speakers broadcast one annoying gesture after another. Seeing rhe name, you groan, recognizing him as the jerk you ran into at the club last week whom for some reason you can't fathom took an instant dislike to you, and now he's made it his mission in life to annoy you.

For those living in the Lorena Chung Estates, you can deal with such pests with the ACS Exclusive Security Orbs. They are easy to set up, and come in a variety of shapes and designs, most looking harmless. The company promises "Full land and sky security 100% Guaranteed," and that they monitor the activity of all avatars in the area.

"The Lorena Chung estate's history dates back to Second Life's first and most successful estate Dreamland, est. 2004. Today you can find many different types of residential, commercial and unzoned land parcels in this sim and whole sim rentals. As in all Anshe Chung Sims estates you receive 24/7 live support, free access to all items of the Anshe Chung Content Library and full access to our community facilities."

To check things for yourself, and possible get a home for yourself, head to:

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