Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Press Release: Zamargad Sim Grand Opening Event!

Dip yourself in your finest fantasy pixels and let your inner beauty frolic! is the Zamargad Sim Grand Opening Party Parcel, with a field trip to follow, to the actual Zamargad sim at on Thursday, February 16th, 2017.

This is intended to be an all day event featuring a buffet, DJs, musicians, and fun seeking supporters celebrating the initiation of the Zamargad sim to the public. 

Zamargad is a Majikally Dark, Unseelie Fae, and poetic themed place, dedicated to those who wander the night in search of truth and beauty amidst the common world of chaos.  Here one will find all kinds of secrets waiting to be uncovered.  May everyone enjoy getting lost in them and never want to return to reality! 

It is also the new home of the ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) store, "Fly To Our Wicked Sanctuary, Like A Bat Out Of..." offering unique things with a touch taboo, dark miscellanea, and mysterious accessories to enlighten your home or wardrobe.  As well as an Advertisement Level filled with cheap, large billboards seen by frequenting gamers of games ranging from Lindo, Treasure Quest, The Vault, LGH Trivia, Skippo, to raffles and more.

Suggested dress code highly recommends fantasy (i.e. Fae, Elves, Dragons, Furries, Witches, Goth, etc.) ...but no one will be turned away for coming simply as they are!  Everyone and their mother is invited to come!

Entertainment starts at 5pm SLT with DJ Astoria Luminos, who has been creating unique event playlists in SL since 2009. 

At 6pm, David Csiszer takes the stage, a Songwriter/Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist who delivers an unique array of original songs as well as classic cover tunes ranging from alternative & acoustic rock to blues & jazz. 

Beth Odets, who has been playing violin for 33 years, and is a classically trained concert violinist who is now the greatest itinerant fiddlist in Second Life, will share her many talents and professional antics at 7pm. 

Gracing the stage at 8pm for a fun journey will be Vinnie of The Vinnie Show, winner of 2016 Avi choice for Favorite Acoustic and Original songs, who will sing current favorites to Classic Rock & Pop, plus ORIGINALS - all acoustically. 

Finally, at 9pm, DJ Moonryme will be leaving everyone with songs of dark happiness that range from trance, EBM, industrial, darkwave, to retro. 

Everyone is encouraged to explore Zamargad at their leaisure, as all parcels will be tuned into each entertainer's stream during their performance.  More details about the artists are available in the inworld invitation, or by contacting David Csiszer's Manager, Nyna Slate-Sands (nyna.slate), or The Vinnie Show Manager, daallee rhapsody™ (daallee), or by contacting Astoria Luminos, Beth Odets, or Moonryme directly.

Zamargad is both home and business to MajikVixen (bluevioletvixen.lorefield) and ਹөƞ ƇƸяתߎɳŋøϟ  (joncernunnos) of ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats).  Thanks go out to each and every one of their friends and family, for their love and support (the extensive list can be found in the inworld invitation).  For a free copy/trans inworld invitation, please contact Majik or Jon, or join the ^v^/<|;) group, Group Key: 0dceeb4c-62ab-9436-ca6a-5f46106681b4

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