Friday, September 30, 2011

Burn2 Press Day

Yesterday, bloggers and reporters were invited for a preview of the Burn2 exhibits. Among those going was a certain Fox editor, getting a look for the first time of this major annual event this year.

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Reader Submitted: A Few Notes on Mesh

10 Gooson, a longtime friend of Second Life Newspaper and SL Newser, sent us some notes on her (and her partner's) experiences with Mesh, "I've tried to explain what meshes are, what is still unknown, the in's and out's for 'almost-noobs' to explain some more about meshes."

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rosh Hashanah

One of my real-life friends told me it was the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah today. Doing a search, I came across a "Jewish Neighborhood in Second Life" at Nessus. There was a sizeable white synagogue, and a number of smaller buildings, such as this one shown.

Nessus (23, 142, 103)

Thought Constructs

Within the Walkway Gallery of the Thothica Community, Eleanor Medier's "Thought Constucts" is exhibited. I had the pleasure of attending an elegant SL society event, where art and intellectual thought lovers gathered in their formal favorites. With champagne glasses in hand, they admired the symbolically represented drawings which depict thoughtful wisdom.

The gallery presents a unique, white walled and glassed setting which makes you feel you are elevated and in an almost divine area. Upon the tall, wide walls are an entire series of Eleanor’s images.

"Everyone has wisdom that inspires them from past teachers," explained Medier. "I've translated quotations that have most influenced my thinking and expressed them in visual language."

Eleanor creates her images with pencil and paper - a concept of a feeling and statement she wishes to make. She generates her ideas from events and interactions between the people she meets.

"I can work on an image for months," she told me. "I try it out in several media, too. I draw traditionally and digitally, but I don't use photographs."

She stated that the benefits of making virtual art are many. For one, there is a global audience. Then there is the opportunity to try new ideas. The scale and the vibrancy add drama to the images. Being able to get immediate feedback is another benefit of an
interactive environment.

The exhibit will be featured through October.

Netera Landar

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

Taken a couple years ago at "The Blue Parrot" beach club, with DJ ScratchMusikatt in his smallish feline av next to a visitor.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Sunweaver Rental Land

I have got a lot of rental land available on SUNWEAVER AIR and SUNWEAVER SPACE and I need to get some 'serious' renters on to those lots. So I am running an offer, for 'SERIOUS' renters only. Not those those that will be gone in a couple of months. Rent 3 lots and I will rebate the rent on the third lot for the first month! So you get 3 lots and pay for 2, but you have to KEEP the 3 lots from there on, not return it, once the rebate is gone.

Sunweaver Estates owner Rita Mariner

Inspire Space Park

One popular space-themed place in Second Life is the Inspire Space Park. A visual treat, people keep dropping by time and time again, sometimes to show friends or bring a date. For those who have yet to see it, Bixyl Shuftan wrote on the park.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1000 Mark

We've just reached a milestone. Second Life Newser has shown a total of a thousand articles, cartoons, and the occasional bulliten.

And we're not slowing down.

Events this Week in Second Life from Sept 27th to Oct 4

This week, there's a number of events across the Grid, from the music events in clubs, live & DJs, to game shows, to talk shows, and more. There are also special events, such as Oktoberfest, and for Burning Man fans the wait is finally over, Burn2 begins this Saturday!

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*changed Sept 30th*

Pirating Podex

It started off as more or less any other day at the Podex Exchange. One of the tellers talked about going to the Festival at Raglan Shire later on. Someone else talked about taking a look at the "Xanadu Club" in Sunweaver Air. Then someone remembered what day it was, "Arrrrr! It be September 19th., maties. It be 'Talk Like a Pirate Day,' lan'lubbers! Arrr!" And after a few chuckles, other tellers were doing it too, "Avast there!" "Shiver me timbers!" "Arrrr!"

While the tellers were joking and laughing, someone walked into the bank. Seeing him, a teller turned, "Good day Sir, what can - " the teller's sentence cut off when two things were clear. One, the visitor was dressed up in pirate garb, which included a sword. Two, his bushy banded tail and natural mask marked him as a familiar character: "Clumsy Cooper." Clumsy had repeatedly tried to rob Podex, and always failed.

"Avast ye scurvy dogs!" Clumsy took hold of a cutlass by the grip and drew it out of it's sheath, "This be a plunderin.'

“Avast yerself, lan’lubber!” One of the tellers called back, “Ye got some chum showin yerself here ye drunken bilge rat!”

“Don’ ye ‘landlubber’ me! Now gather up all ye booty an’ be quick abou’ it!”

“Ye pardon me if we not be so smartly ‘bout yer demands, youn’ pup. But ye try ta raid our poopdeck many times before, an’ every time ye end up keelhaulin’ yerself.”

“That be rotten luck. Now, do I need to wack a few of yer addin’ machines with me cutlass to git yer attention?” He pointed his sword forward.

“My attention be on yer cutlass. Five peices o’ eight that be nuthin’ but a cheap peice o’ plastic.”

“Arrrr! That be fightin’ words!” Clumsy then began swining the sword around, “I’ll make ye all walk th’ plank!” Then in the middle of his ranting, he slammed the blade of the sword onto the floor, and it snapped in two.

Clumsy looked at the broken blade wide-eyed, then looked at the tellers, “Um, perhaps I be a bit hasty.” He gave a nervous smile, “I be in a good mood. Ye can keep yer booty.”

“Get him!” The teller yelled, pointing at him, “Throw that sack o’ shark bait in th’ busted head!”

Clumsy then turned tail and ran back out the bank. He ran around and behind the bank to a nearby building. There was a hot air balloon on it, so he ran to it, hopped in, and cutthe rope holding it. Unfortunetly for Clumsy, it didn’t rise but instead settled completely to the ground. Frantic, Clumsy began banging onto the fuel tank to the heating unit. All he got was a huge puffof smoke, and as he coughed, the air bag slowly sagged and fell ontop of him, trapping him. By the time he wiiggled out, the police were waiting for him.

Clumsy Cooper was arrested by the SLPD for multiple counts of griefing, and one count of littering.

But even if Clumsy Cooper had a real blade, his efforts at getting pirate booty were in vain. “All our exchanges are done through electronic transfer,” a teller later explained, “He wouldn’t have walked away with a single Linden.”

The Podex Exchange has a record of being one of the safest Linden exchange services in Second Life, the data processing done outside the exchange, and has a record of thousands of satisfied customers. Transactions can be done at their website, or their location inworld at Moonberry (26, 223, 34).

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Island “Literary Explosion”

Book Island had an event with "twelve SL writers representing events and sims across the world" this Sunday, Sept 25th. The "Literary Explosion," held in a balloon above the sim, included writers such as Sarah Glenn and Crap Mariner.

More in Events.

Burn2 Approaches

Burn2 preparations are well under way! Magnificent builds are appearing there daily. I am lucky to be there in my role of Ranger, so I can only tell you to be sure to save time to visit many more than once. To get an overview of the Playa you will be able to take a hot air balloon around the sims.

There will be loot in the Schwag Tent, gifts left for you by the builders. Planning is under way for many live performers and parties in the Center Camp, at the Tokyo Stage and on some of the plots. Soon the events schedule will be up for you to check everyday. In the meantime enjoy a peek!

Gemma Cleanslate

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

Aasha Kohime showing off a macro av during an early visit to Aria Clash

By Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, September 24, 2011

SL Youtube: "Flufee on the Couch" - "Flufee on a Meshion - Episode2":

"Fluffee," the noted mesh stuffed toy avatar and character in Pooky Amsterdam & Draxtor Despres' "Flufee on a Meshion" machinima, is back in a sequel. Here, Flufee shares a few issues with Pooky's psychiatrist.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Spooks and Spiderwebs

Halloween is a little more than a month away, but so many love a chance for spooky fun, some places are getting ready a little early. Among them is The Corner of Revolving Time, where some decorations have been set up for anyone to take, for free! Gemma Cleanslate takes a look at this spook-latuclar place.

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“Universal Art” Waterfront Shop

Readers of Second Life Newser are most familiar with the Terric sim through Netera Landar’s Coffee Lounge, which will be hosting a couple interviews tomorrow on Saturday at 10 AM. But the sim is home to a number of shops. Among them, the “Universal Art” store at the waterfront area on the northeast corner of the sim. From the coffee lounge, one goes east until the reach the shops, then turn left.

The store is owned by Netera’s commercial neighbor Fatboy21007 Resident. What I noticed about the store is that the prices are quite small, “Frame and picture is 30L, special requests is 35, all other art is 25L.” But he doesn’t refer to Universal Art as a discount art shop, “I just sell them cheap. Something that takes 10L to upload should not cost a person 400 Lindens. I make 15L off each picture, this allows for practically anyone ingame to buy the pictures.”

But before noticing the price, one quickly sees a common theme in the pictures: space. There are various pictures of planets, nebulae, galaxies, stars, and fantastic night skies over alien and fantasy worlds. “We will eventually do all forms of art,” Fatboy explained, “but I love Universe pictures. So I thought I’d start with what I love the most.” But Fatboy is open to new ideas, “If any one has a suggestion, please feel free to IM me.”

“Universal Art” is at Terric (228, 215, 26)

“Have a nice day.”

Bixyl Shuftan

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pooky Amsterdam’s Talk on Virtual Worlds and Science Fiction

Last week Pooky Amsterdam gave a talk on the influence of science fiction on virtual worlds, including Second Life. Held in the Constellation sim, she talked about how virtual worlds were in a sense a classic sci-fi fan's dream come true, allowing the 'readers' to 'write' their own stories. Pooky also mentioned the story of one science fiction writer whom continued to indirectly speak with fans and make the news after his death.

Read more in People.

Residents 18 and Over Not Yet Age-Verified to Get Email From Linden Lab

According to a post on Daniel Voyager's Blog, Viale Linden had some news for the residents during a meeting on the Grid. It seems Linden Lab will be sending an email to all adult residents not yet adult verified, saying the system for doing so is much improved.

Viale Linden brought the news at the meeting today that they are preparing an email to all residents over 18 years that has not age verified to inform them on how much easier this is now, and how they can set their preferences accordingly.

No firm date on the mailing yet, but he suggested a timeframe of 2 weeks.

Details about the changes can be read on the SL wiki page.

Bid4aCure’s Annual Date Auction

Each year in SL we hold our signature Bid4aCure Date Auction to raise money for diabetes research, giving all proceeds equally to DiabetesUK and the American Diabetes Association.

Event Date: Sunday September 25, 2011

Event Time: 11 AM SLT until it ends

Event Location: Bid4aCure Event Park, Temprus (65, 47, 21)

If you would like to be involved, please complete a notecard (details below) and return it Jocelyn Sands and Argus Collingwood.


Q: What do you mean by “date”?

A: In past years, people’s dates on SL have included: going horseback riding, dancing, exploring.

Q: Who picks the date?

A: It’s between the two people to decide that.

Q: How long does a date last?

A: On average 2 – 4 hours – longer if you’re both having a lot of fun. It’s up to the two people to decide when, where and for how long the date will last.

Those interested are asked to fill out a notecard with the following, include their name in the title, and send to Jocelyn Sands and Argus Collingwood:

SL Full Avatar Name:


Your Ideal SL date would be to do:

Please describe yourself in world, your interests, hobbies, work, etc:

Title / Artist of 2 songs that best describe you and your personality:

For more information, go to

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

Steelhead Participates in the Hunt Steam 5

For those who like shopping hunts and the steampunk genere can have fun with both in Steam 5. Among the stores taking part are a number in the Steelhead region. Grey Lupindo headed over to the Steam Age community to find out more, as well as get some of the goodies.

Read Grey's story in Design.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Events this Week in Second Life from Sept 20th to Sept 26th

This week, there's a variety of events across the Grid, from the regularly scheduled DJ and live music events, to the talk and game shows and book readings. Raglan Shire holds it's Medieval Festival, Book Island holds it's "Literary Explosion" with "12 acclaimed SL writers, and Pooky Amsterdam's "The 1st Question" begins it's new season.

Read the list in Events.

*Changed Sept 21st*

FCA HQ Opening Party

On Sunday Sept. 18th at 2PM, the FCA held a "housewarming party" for it's new HQ, intended as both the location of official meetings and a social hangout for staff and club regulars. But for the DJ providing the tunes for the party, FCA leader Nydia Tungsten reached out beyond the member clubs usual DJs, and Qwark Allen was picked as the music man.

The FCA, made up of several different clubs, stands for "Furry Club Alliance." In the past, the group had simply been known as the club alliance. Not all of them are aimed at furred residents, and club owners have expressed a desire to attract a more diverse crowd.

DJ Qwark, the partner of Second Life Newser reporter Gemma Cleanslate, had been playing at "The Lighttower" on Sundays at this time, until the club closed down. Showing up at the party with a mostly furred audience, he donned a Pink Panther avatar. Some of his friends showing up did similar. And when Quark and others began changing into other avatars, the jokes began to flow, "Eeps! He turned into a T-Rex! Someone tip him before he bites someone! Or worse turns purple and starts singing kids music!" Not everyone danced. Some were checking out the pool and hot tub, and other places.

Qwark DJed for a few hours, his fans from the Lighttower and the FCA furries getting along fine. Eventually he left, and the party took on a more relaxed feel, more taking a dip in the hot tub while others continued to dance to the music or relax on chairs & swings.

Nydia, who owns Club Zero Gravity as well as being the FCA head, was impressed with the performance, and Qwark is currently scheduled to perform again next Sunday at 2PM at the space club.

Bixyl Shuftan

Two Shops Available on Book Island

We finally have two openings on Book Island for shops. One is a 'must-see' in plain view of the main landing point. Don't miss out on this incredible location.

Book Island has been in operation since 2007, the oldest dedicated literary sim on the grid. We have a listing under communities and discussion in SL search and on the website. We have over ten regular events scheduled on the island each week, which are run and attended by our vibrant community and newcomers to Book Island alike. There has never been a better time to be a part of Book Island!

Only two available shops:

49 Orwell Street - this is an incredible premium location, just by the main square and main TP point. It doesn't come free very often, so grab it while you can and hang onto it! (previous occupant left SL)
Book Island (163, 197, 36)

43 Cartland Way - a popular cut through between the main TP point and Cartland Court
Book Island (134, 194, 36)

Houses - Callestimon Beach House - beautiful house with a river view, overlooking the exciting new Xanthe sim.
Book Island (5, 115, 21)

Shops are L550 a week for 60 prims (unless otherwise stated on the rent box), houses are L750 a week for 300 prims.
You may purchase 60 additional prims for your shop for L450 a week.

Shops are for those in publishing, writing, editing, blogging, printing and media-related fields, either in RL and/or SL.

Before you rent, please read the notecard in the rent box and the land covenant for terms and conditions. Please do not rent an occupied space where the rent box is open. When you rent a space, please send a notecard to Selina Greene and/or Arton Tripsa and we will send you membership to the Publishing Village Residents Association as soon as we can.

Publishers, authors, translators, editors, booksellers, printers, illustrators and others in related fields are all welcome to be a part of this vibrant community.

If you have any questions, please contact Selina Greene or Arton Tripsa.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

"Arrr, be on th' lookout fer 'Talk Like a Pirate' events at th' Luskwood tree an' otha spots on th' Grid. Fair winds, mateys."

By Bixyl Shuftan

Morgan Straits

Ahoy! It be "Talk Like a Pirate Day," an' some of ye scurvy landlubbers may be on the lookout fer a place where ye can join th' ranks of the brotherhood of the coast. Our lass Netera Landar be explorin' an' came across some fine shores: Morgan Straits. Here be buccaneers from all around the world, an' whether ye be an old salt or jess gettin' yer sea legs, any be welcome t' join their ranks.

Read more in Places.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

This was actual dialogue, which made for the best lines I could think of.

By Bixyl Shuftan

SL Poetry: Fall

Shellie Sands is back with another poem. This time she included a couple snapshots, of the Chilbo Museum's fall exhibit. So appropriately the poem is titled "Fall."

Read the poem in Extra.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

9-11 Across Second Life

Last weekend, the residents across Second Life took the time to honor those lost in the terrorist attacks. They did so across a number of places, a few that SL Newser took a look at.

More on the story in Events.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Help People Island to Close

A noted sim for helping out newcomers, Help People Island, has announced it will soon be closing after more than six years in operation. Staffed by volunteers, the group says they get about a thousand residents traffic every day.

A statement was issued a few days ago on September 13th, “It is with tremendous sadness that Help People®Island will be closing it’s teleport’s on September 23, 2011. Help People, Inc. has sponsored our groups and Island for six years now, and it’s their Board of Director’s decision that its time for the company to move on. All of us who have been so deeply involved are deeply saddened, but we understand. Our hope is that something we’ve done has brought you as much joy and respect as we have for all of you.

“Each and every single one of you have been the integral parts of the HPI heart, veins and pulse. Each giving tremendous amount’s of yourselves, selflessly and without prejudice. We could not have EVER asked for a better Group of people to work with, help with, socialize with and grown to love with. Even the Board of Director’s of Help People, Inc. asked us to thank each of you for maintaining the “Help People® Attitude” for all these years.”

Checking in on the Island, the staff I met was reluctant to discuss the issue, only saying there were plans for the future.

Besides helping newcomers, Help People Island has hosted charity benefits as well. No doubt the island will be missed by those who got their start here.

Daniel Voyager also has an article about the closing: Here.

Bixyl Shuftan

Reader Submitted: "I Am a New Yorker"

While covering 9-11 events, I was sent a poem written by someone living in New York at the time. And here it is today.

Read the poem in Extra.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Saint Torley’s Day" this Sunday

If you're a fan of Torley Linden, or looking for a fun event with a bit of humor, one might check out "St. Torley's Day" at the Rhianna sim on Sunday, September 18th.

"Torley Linden, Second Life’s 'Resident Enlightenment Manager,' has long been recognized and celebrated as a living saint. The First Church of Rosedale announced today that 'St. Torley’s Day' will take place on Sunday, September 18, with a party at noon, followed by a special service at 2 PM. The party, hosted in Penning by Four Kittens of the Apocalypse, will feature live music by popular Second Life artist Kaklick Martin.

Torley Linden has written innumerable posts on the company’s official blog and created hundreds of video tutorials. He listens and responds to residents, holding weekly office hours and keeping tabs on Second Life content all over the Web, including blogs, Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube. His Saint Day is the Sunday closest to his “rezday” (the day he first entered Second Life), September 15; 2011 will mark the end of his seventh year “in-world.”

The event is at Rhianna (79, 37, 25). For the blog post in it's entirety, Click Here.

Sources: Sammantha Speaks, Daniel Voyager.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reader Submitted: Hat's Off to Fuzzball

Fuzzball Ortega sent Second Life Newser this picture, one of a steampunk-style hat full of pipes and supported by a balloon.

"It ain't 'The Hair,' not sure if it should be called 'The Hat,' but it's still pretty unique looking."

Wearable Art

Kelly Yap sent an invitation to come see "Art for you Head." I was curious so took a TP over to Healy to see. Kelly greeted me as I arrived. “This is an exhibition all about art that is worn on your head. We have fancy hair, hats, objects, etc....the main requirement was that it was that made to be worn on the head!“

She tried on a few for me and I tried on one myself. There were other visitors there trying on hats also while I was touring the area. As you view the art you can try some on and you can vote for your favorites. The winner will receive 5000L.

The exhibit runs until September 30 so try to get there to see the head art and to vote! There will be an ending party on October 3 at 3:00-5:00 SL time where the winners will be announced. You may want to take a hat home to wear at your next event! They are for sale. There are seventeen artists to view so save some time.

Gemma Cleanslate

Green Meadows, aka Perri's Xanadu, Reopens

Fans of RECoyote Mindes & Perri Prinz's Club Xanadu, which sadly closed it's doors in Feb 2010, have something to cheer about. On 8PM on September 14th, the club officially reopened.

Greetings friends of the club formerly known as Perri’s Xanadu. Our grand re-opening starts now with a big blow-out classic rock party. Come enjoy some happy tunes and win linden dollars for best in rock music attire.

Reopened under the name "Green Meadow Lands Ballroom," the venue "is a retro themed dance club and lounge, geared towards those who like various types of older music, mainly 70's & 80's and older. We play the usual oldies interspersed with unusual tracks that you may not have heard before. We play Disco, Classic Rock, New Wave, Progressive Rock, Jazz, Novelties, or whatever the mood seems to call for at the moment. It's a groovy hang out where you can dance, socialize, or just sit and listen to the music. Everyone is welcome.”

Set on a platform high over Sunweaver Air, the club is based on the Pan Pacific Auditorium, which was the building used in the movie Xanadu. The interior is dominated by a discotech dance floor, which can also double as a roller-rink should there be such an event, the skates available on the wall from a dispenser. Having the look of a disco club from the past, the place has a number of posters and album covers up. The stacks of vinyl records

The place is also built to be a hangout, with some chairs, including at least one cuddle-chair, set up. There's also some video games set up on the upper level, which link to playable video game websites online.

A small number of people dropped by for the opening party. Two prizes of 250 Lindens went to one lucky male and female. A random prize dispenser gave out various smaller prizes.

The name “Green Meadowlands Ballroom” comes from Perri’s Spectral Shadows stories posted online. The venue is a member of the FCA club alliance, which includes Club Zero Gravity and Club Little Dove. For now, Green Meadows will have two events a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 10 PM SL time.

The club is located at Sunweaver Air (69, 201, 4051)

Bixyl Shuftan

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Events this Week in Second Life from Sept 13th to Sept 19th

This week offers a variety of events across the grid. There are a number of dance parties and live music events, plus talk shows, science classes, discussions, and more. This week also offers the "Mother Dragon" hunt in Bare Rose, a surfing discussion, and the Raglan Shire region holds its Medieval Festival.

And "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is Monday Sept 19th. Yo ho ho!

Read more in Events.

Designing Worlds Leaves Northpoint

After three years, the Second Life TV show "Designing Worlds" is leaving the Northpoint sim where filming had been done. A few days ago, the staff held a going-away party to celebrate the Treet TV show's success. Among those attending, Netera Landar whom had a chance to talk to the co-hosts about the program.

Read more in Design.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Philosophy Class: "The Mystery of the Brain"

Summer break is over. Back to the studies. This is the 5th year of Philosophy classes in sl and I have not graduated yet, but have not been dismissed either!

Professor Herman Bergson is opening his classroom again this year starting with the 341
st class. We have been through so many rewarding projects over the years: 100 Philosophers, 25+ Women Philosophers, 25 Adventures in Thinking, Modern Theories of ethics, The Ideal State, Political Philos., and presently The Mystery of the Brain. Of the present project he says, “ I have done a number of projects, but the present one, still "The Mystery of the Brain", is my most cherished one, because it is the direct follow up of the thesis I defended in 1977 at the university."

If you are interested in the study of philosophy with lectures and lively discussion every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm SL time in his lecture hall at Wainscot. The classes usually last about 50-60 minutes. Come visit and listen then you can join the group is you like. You are always welcome.

Wainscot (221,179, 37)

Gemma Cleanslate

SL Youtube: "Give Love Away"

Sent to SL Newser by Flimsy Freenote, "Filmed in SecondLife at the Stairclimb Tribute for Fallen Firefighters: "Give Love Away" by Canadian singer/songwriter Nance Brody, copyright 2011,"

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Ten Years Ago

Fireman’s Prayer

When I am called to duty,
whenever the flames my rage,
give me strength to save some
life whatever be their age.
Help me embrace a little child
before it is too late,
or save an old person from
the horror of that fate.
Enable me to be alert,
and hear the weakest shout.
And quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out.
I want to fill my calling
and give the best in me.
To guard my every neighbor,
protect his property.
And if according to my fate
I am to lose my life,
please bless with your protecting hand
my children and my wife.

9/11/01 - We will never forget

Poem by Firefighter A.W. “Smokey” Linn

Picture taken at the Equis sim.

9-11 Rememberance at Mystery: 10 AM Today

The Queen of Hearts will be remembering all those lost and injured, families, firefighters, rescuers and servicemen worldwide.

Please join us for all, or part, of this service to honor them all.

10AM today, Mystery (63, 98, 23).

9/11 Stairclimb Tribute

At the Equus sim, the Aero Pines Park is hosting a “stairclimb tribute” to the firefighters whom were killed on the Islamofacist terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

Aero Pines Park 9/11 Rememberance Greeter: Welcome to Aero Pines Park Fire Dept's "Stairclimb Tribute to Fallen Firefighters of Sept 11" - Go to the base of the stairs of a tower, suit up in the gear provided, then grab of hose and nozzle from the high pressure valve and begin your ascent of 110 stories. Thank you for your participation in helping us honor the brave and heroic men and women who perished on that horrific day.

Areo Pines is normally a countryside place, but this part of the sim is temporarily taking on the look of a New York city block.Teleporting over, one will find themselves at the base of two tall, transparent towers, stretching high in the sky. At certain spots are pictures of firefighter gear one can click on to get a uniform. Clicking on a water valve next to them, one can get the nozzle to a high pressure hose. Upon getting the gear, many residents will start climbing the stairs. At the top are t-shirt dispensers, the only cost being the climb.

Cindy Bolero is in charge of the Equis sim. Chatting with her, she was, “very tired. Still working on this build,” but still willing to talk. “We started three days ago, Cindy told, “One of our builders saw real firefighters doing this in their home town of Atlanta. We researched a little and discovered first responders are doing 9/11 stairclimbs all around the country. So we built a virtual stairclimb.”

Asking how the firefighting groups of Second Life responded to her build, “Many (officers) have come by themselves, others have come with their whole departments. I'm just working away here and not able to observe to closely. Yesterday there were many real firefighters here being interviewed by media.”

Bethlee Spad was described by Cindy as the main builder, and dropped by briefly. The interview briefly changed to voice, Cindy saying they were doing their best to keep the lag down, and the guestbooks they set up, numerous people were “liberally” entering their thoughts, “It’s a good feeling when a New Yorker comes here.” Bethlee commented, “We had one (New York) lady come here, she thought this was an incredible build." They had just set up a media of the Sept. 11 documentary, which had been streamed for the commemoration in 2009 at the now vanished NYC sim. She told me she originally planned to have each screen around the exhibit show a segment of the film, but people kept asking for it to continue. As we spoke, someone was watching the disaster unfold, “God save us all.”

Cindy explained Areo Pines knew of other 9-11 memorials, but most were simply rezzing the Twin Towers. They wanted something different, “we made it an engaging interactive build ... we made this up as we went, so its mostly how things evolve.” Another memorable build at Areo Pines was when they made a build for “the Nutcracker Ballet, where guests are given outfits, group poseball dance, and the nutcracker playing on the big screen.” For the Stairclimb tribute, “we removed a huge equestrian center. Rodeo Grounds, jumping arena, race track, etc. Our regulars like the events and exhibitions, but they also anticipate the equestrian center's return.

The Stairclibe tribute is encouraging people to donate to The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, at

Cindy says the build will be up, “probably through next week.” The TP point is at Equus (100, 212, 23).

Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Huricane Irene Benefit Today and Sunday

The Hurricane Irene Benefit to help out the people of Rodanthe North Carolina, including Second Life singer Debi Late, was originally scheduled for just Sunday, but the event has been extended to today as well.

This benefit is so big it kicks off Saturday the 10th at our sister venue - Bring a friend, Stay a while. BS's is the place to be Saturday!!

The line up at BS's is open to any performer that would like to participate. Slots are still available, just IM still Braveheart.

The Saturday (Sept. 10) schedule:

10- 11 Agustin Braham
11-12 Phil Setner
12-1 Sparrow and Sunwolf
1-2 Joaquin Gustav
2-3 Sid Slade
7-8pm Max Kleene at BS's
updates will be added.

The Shore, (165, 46, 22)

The events on Sunday at Prim Music Park from 3:30 to 9 at Alora Bay are still on schedule, plus Palm Cove Resorts is donating four weeks of rent-free time in five beach homes (one worth 6000L, four 2200 L).

Real life donations can also be made to the local Fire Dept., "which has been serving the community with food, fuel, and labor."

Chicamacomico Banks Fire Dept.
P. O. Box 125
Rodanthe, NC 27968

"Or directly to Debi (address upon request)."

Cartoon of the Day

Taken a couple years ago, my friend wore a pillow under her dress to help avoid unwanted attention by guys. She told me it was quite effective.

By Bixyl Shuftan