Friday, September 2, 2011


Earlier in August, I heard about an unusual place: Papermakis. Mentioned in a Second Life art blog, the place was made as a kind of artwork, one that was a “limited-time art exhibition.”

Welcome to the world of Papermakis, a creative place inspired by newspapers, books, articles, drawings and paper. Visit this limited-time art exhibition by Romy Nayar at MetaLES before it disappears in early August. More info at:

Porting over to the MetalLES sim, the place was ... odd. It was a surreal landscape of white with random letters sprinked across. There were occasional structures that looked like wrapped-up paper-mache newsprint. There were even paper-mache people and critters. Going about, I saw some variety in the structures. Black wire “trees” would drop solid black spheres onto the ground. A few structures would leak ink, or a stream of letters. In a couple places a few paper-mache creatures were spewing clouds of “O”s or “H”s. In a few places the “people” were socializing, or in one place cleaning up piles of letters.

Among the displays of paper-mache people, there was a paper-mache avatar. Named Ux Hax, or “Per4mancE” as the display name read, I tried talking to the person, but the av was away from keyboard. So I sent an Instant massage before heading off. Later on, the artist messaged me back, identifying herself as Romy Nayar:

Ux Hax: Instalation interactive 3D, Women artists and creators of SL ,expose each for a month in Sim MetaLES..O.. Promoting culture and art in the Metaverse. Performance always accompanied by special music for the event:, Art.

Intended as a temporary exhibit, Papermakis didn’t last too long and was soon taken down. But it still exists in a machinima taken by ColeMarie Soleil. And Ux Hax/Romy Nayar was soon back with another exhibit in the MetaLES sim.

Bixyl Shuftan

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