Friday, September 23, 2011

“Universal Art” Waterfront Shop

Readers of Second Life Newser are most familiar with the Terric sim through Netera Landar’s Coffee Lounge, which will be hosting a couple interviews tomorrow on Saturday at 10 AM. But the sim is home to a number of shops. Among them, the “Universal Art” store at the waterfront area on the northeast corner of the sim. From the coffee lounge, one goes east until the reach the shops, then turn left.

The store is owned by Netera’s commercial neighbor Fatboy21007 Resident. What I noticed about the store is that the prices are quite small, “Frame and picture is 30L, special requests is 35, all other art is 25L.” But he doesn’t refer to Universal Art as a discount art shop, “I just sell them cheap. Something that takes 10L to upload should not cost a person 400 Lindens. I make 15L off each picture, this allows for practically anyone ingame to buy the pictures.”

But before noticing the price, one quickly sees a common theme in the pictures: space. There are various pictures of planets, nebulae, galaxies, stars, and fantastic night skies over alien and fantasy worlds. “We will eventually do all forms of art,” Fatboy explained, “but I love Universe pictures. So I thought I’d start with what I love the most.” But Fatboy is open to new ideas, “If any one has a suggestion, please feel free to IM me.”

“Universal Art” is at Terric (228, 215, 26)

“Have a nice day.”

Bixyl Shuftan

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