Thursday, September 1, 2011

SL Youtube: Tadao Video - The M6A1 "Sky Storm" Submarine-Launched Torpedo Bomber

Tadao video, "The work is an airplane, but the attatchment is a submarine. Have you seen such a combination before? Tetsugame and Myuki achieved that."

In real life, the Imperial Japanese Aichi M6A1 "Clear Sky Storm" was an ingenious design meant to be launched from the huge I-400 submarines to make surprise strikes at strategic targets, notably the Panama Canal. Although the plane had twin floats, it would have been ditched after making such a mission and the pilot picked up by the sub. But the aircraft wasn't perfected until late in the war. Only one mission by submarine was carried out in August 1945, and along the way the submarine received word of Japan's surrender.

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