Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thought Constructs

Within the Walkway Gallery of the Thothica Community, Eleanor Medier's "Thought Constucts" is exhibited. I had the pleasure of attending an elegant SL society event, where art and intellectual thought lovers gathered in their formal favorites. With champagne glasses in hand, they admired the symbolically represented drawings which depict thoughtful wisdom.

The gallery presents a unique, white walled and glassed setting which makes you feel you are elevated and in an almost divine area. Upon the tall, wide walls are an entire series of Eleanor’s images.

"Everyone has wisdom that inspires them from past teachers," explained Medier. "I've translated quotations that have most influenced my thinking and expressed them in visual language."

Eleanor creates her images with pencil and paper - a concept of a feeling and statement she wishes to make. She generates her ideas from events and interactions between the people she meets.

"I can work on an image for months," she told me. "I try it out in several media, too. I draw traditionally and digitally, but I don't use photographs."

She stated that the benefits of making virtual art are many. For one, there is a global audience. Then there is the opportunity to try new ideas. The scale and the vibrancy add drama to the images. Being able to get immediate feedback is another benefit of an
interactive environment.

The exhibit will be featured through October.

Netera Landar

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