Monday, September 12, 2011

Philosophy Class: "The Mystery of the Brain"

Summer break is over. Back to the studies. This is the 5th year of Philosophy classes in sl and I have not graduated yet, but have not been dismissed either!

Professor Herman Bergson is opening his classroom again this year starting with the 341
st class. We have been through so many rewarding projects over the years: 100 Philosophers, 25+ Women Philosophers, 25 Adventures in Thinking, Modern Theories of ethics, The Ideal State, Political Philos., and presently The Mystery of the Brain. Of the present project he says, “ I have done a number of projects, but the present one, still "The Mystery of the Brain", is my most cherished one, because it is the direct follow up of the thesis I defended in 1977 at the university."

If you are interested in the study of philosophy with lectures and lively discussion every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm SL time in his lecture hall at Wainscot. The classes usually last about 50-60 minutes. Come visit and listen then you can join the group is you like. You are always welcome.

Wainscot (221,179, 37)

Gemma Cleanslate

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