Friday, September 16, 2011

Help People Island to Close

A noted sim for helping out newcomers, Help People Island, has announced it will soon be closing after more than six years in operation. Staffed by volunteers, the group says they get about a thousand residents traffic every day.

A statement was issued a few days ago on September 13th, “It is with tremendous sadness that Help People®Island will be closing it’s teleport’s on September 23, 2011. Help People, Inc. has sponsored our groups and Island for six years now, and it’s their Board of Director’s decision that its time for the company to move on. All of us who have been so deeply involved are deeply saddened, but we understand. Our hope is that something we’ve done has brought you as much joy and respect as we have for all of you.

“Each and every single one of you have been the integral parts of the HPI heart, veins and pulse. Each giving tremendous amount’s of yourselves, selflessly and without prejudice. We could not have EVER asked for a better Group of people to work with, help with, socialize with and grown to love with. Even the Board of Director’s of Help People, Inc. asked us to thank each of you for maintaining the “Help People® Attitude” for all these years.”

Checking in on the Island, the staff I met was reluctant to discuss the issue, only saying there were plans for the future.

Besides helping newcomers, Help People Island has hosted charity benefits as well. No doubt the island will be missed by those who got their start here.

Daniel Voyager also has an article about the closing: Here.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Sad news and it seems everything seems to be closing down this year. :(

  2. Yeah, some from fatigue, but economics seems to be the big factor.