Sunday, September 4, 2011

Announcement from Laval Galleries

Dear friends,

Thanks to all your wonderful encouragement and support over the past 2 & half years, Laval Galleries is moving to a new Laval-designed architectural facility on a new sim (one of SL's oldests ever sims) - Tuvan.

Before doors open and we welcome you to the new Laval Gallery of Art on Tuvan, it's time to wish a fond farewell to the Laval Gallery on San Gabriele.

This Sunday at 11:30 am come on over for a gallery closing party. In conjunction with the "Wireframe Musician" Exhibition there is also the art from renown SL Musician "Juel Resistance".

Come soak up the atmosphere and spot your favourite musician stripped to their luminant musical essence. Share some memories with Bobbi and friends at the Laval Gallery that started it all.

Also come hear a little about the new gallery (opening next week) and the next step in Bobbi's evolution as an authentic artist photographer and supporter and patron of the arts in SL and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

This SUNDAY, SEPtember 4th starting at 12:00pm SL time

Laval Photo Art, San Gabriele (203, 54, 263)

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