Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunweaver Rental Land

I have got a lot of rental land available on SUNWEAVER AIR and SUNWEAVER SPACE and I need to get some 'serious' renters on to those lots. So I am running an offer, for 'SERIOUS' renters only. Not those those that will be gone in a couple of months. Rent 3 lots and I will rebate the rent on the third lot for the first month! So you get 3 lots and pay for 2, but you have to KEEP the 3 lots from there on, not return it, once the rebate is gone.

Sunweaver Estates owner Rita Mariner

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  1. If you've never visited Sunweaver islands, take a look. We are adults and we treat each other as adults as well as having some fun group events and activities. You can be as private or as public in your terraformable land as you desire to be, and we love builders and inventors.