Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Green Meadows, aka Perri's Xanadu, Reopens

Fans of RECoyote Mindes & Perri Prinz's Club Xanadu, which sadly closed it's doors in Feb 2010, have something to cheer about. On 8PM on September 14th, the club officially reopened.

Greetings friends of the club formerly known as Perri’s Xanadu. Our grand re-opening starts now with a big blow-out classic rock party. Come enjoy some happy tunes and win linden dollars for best in rock music attire.

Reopened under the name "Green Meadow Lands Ballroom," the venue "is a retro themed dance club and lounge, geared towards those who like various types of older music, mainly 70's & 80's and older. We play the usual oldies interspersed with unusual tracks that you may not have heard before. We play Disco, Classic Rock, New Wave, Progressive Rock, Jazz, Novelties, or whatever the mood seems to call for at the moment. It's a groovy hang out where you can dance, socialize, or just sit and listen to the music. Everyone is welcome.”

Set on a platform high over Sunweaver Air, the club is based on the Pan Pacific Auditorium, which was the building used in the movie Xanadu. The interior is dominated by a discotech dance floor, which can also double as a roller-rink should there be such an event, the skates available on the wall from a dispenser. Having the look of a disco club from the past, the place has a number of posters and album covers up. The stacks of vinyl records

The place is also built to be a hangout, with some chairs, including at least one cuddle-chair, set up. There's also some video games set up on the upper level, which link to playable video game websites online.

A small number of people dropped by for the opening party. Two prizes of 250 Lindens went to one lucky male and female. A random prize dispenser gave out various smaller prizes.

The name “Green Meadowlands Ballroom” comes from Perri’s Spectral Shadows stories posted online. The venue is a member of the FCA club alliance, which includes Club Zero Gravity and Club Little Dove. For now, Green Meadows will have two events a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 10 PM SL time.

The club is located at Sunweaver Air (69, 201, 4051)

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. I am glad to see this club reopen. I'm just sorry I was off at Bouchercon this past week and missed the party.