Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bid4aCure’s Annual Date Auction

Each year in SL we hold our signature Bid4aCure Date Auction to raise money for diabetes research, giving all proceeds equally to DiabetesUK and the American Diabetes Association.

Event Date: Sunday September 25, 2011

Event Time: 11 AM SLT until it ends

Event Location: Bid4aCure Event Park, Temprus (65, 47, 21)

If you would like to be involved, please complete a notecard (details below) and return it Jocelyn Sands and Argus Collingwood.


Q: What do you mean by “date”?

A: In past years, people’s dates on SL have included: going horseback riding, dancing, exploring.

Q: Who picks the date?

A: It’s between the two people to decide that.

Q: How long does a date last?

A: On average 2 – 4 hours – longer if you’re both having a lot of fun. It’s up to the two people to decide when, where and for how long the date will last.

Those interested are asked to fill out a notecard with the following, include their name in the title, and send to Jocelyn Sands and Argus Collingwood:

SL Full Avatar Name:


Your Ideal SL date would be to do:

Please describe yourself in world, your interests, hobbies, work, etc:

Title / Artist of 2 songs that best describe you and your personality:

For more information, go to

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