Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Get a Home at the Steelhead Estates

Each sim has a different theme. Please take note of the theme of the sim you wish to rent from. RP and period clothing is not enforced but building code is. No modern buildings or gothic spire of doom. Read the covenant agreement for more details.

Land is parcelled as either residential/commercial/or mixed use.  Parcels beside each other can be grouped together to create a larger parcel. If you have questions regarding zoning in Steelhead please feel free to IM TotalLunar Eclipse or Tensai Hilra.

Found the location you like? The rental boxes are locked. All land is in Steelhead group and you need to be in the Steelhead group to rezz objects and begin rent. IM either TotalLunar Eclipse or Tensai Hilra to unlock the rental pole and begin rent. Drop them a notecard if they are not online.

512 sq m 234 prims L$450 per week
1024 sq m 468 prims L$900 per week

From all of us in Steelhead city Welcome home,
 - TotalLunar Eclipse.

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