Friday, May 3, 2013

Music For Health Raises Over 28,000 Lindens

Last night at the Happy Vixen, the "Music for Health" event, also known as the "Tunes for Tots" took place. From 2PM to Midnight SL time several DJs performed for the residents dropping in, regulars of the club and others.

DJ Grease and DJ Mega did well, and special thanks to DJ Cynthia DJ Khyra, who ended up performing longer than planned due to the next in the lineup having problems. Kitacelia brought in more donations with her impromptu "Bid Me Human" offer. And of course of course thanks to "Naughty Nydia" for her lively and offbeat tunes.

A total of 28,050 was raised. While short of the goal, it is still a big help, "Every bit counts." The largest donation came from EarthAirFire Windlow with his 10,000L donation. Chalie Ashland, whose child the benefit was aimed at, thanked everyone for their efforts. The money will go to asthma treatments.

The Happy Vixen will resume regular events this Saturday.

Bixyl Shuftan

*Addition* At 2PM SL time today, the ammount raised had been boosted to 30,000L.

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