Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SL Newser Editor in Sci-Fi Serial "Spectral Shadows"

For some time now, Perri Prinz, my friend and neighbor of the SL Newser office in HV Community, has been given me a cameo appearance in her "Spectral Shadows" sci-fi serieal novel. In one of the more recent chapters, The character named after and based on me, gets quite a surprise from one lady. Who is she and what does she want with the fox reporter? Check in the chapter to find out.

As it turns out, Spectral Shadows may soon be on hiatus. Perri has several more chapters finished or close to being so. But lately it has become quite tiring to write certain scenes. She posted recently on Facebook, "Sadly things are not getting any better for me as far as my ability to continue writing is concerned. It is still taking me far to long to get into a state where I can work with the story ... Hopefully at some point I will regain my health ..."

Perri did put up a Pateron site to help support her site, but so far it's only gotten a little support. In real life, Perri has been under no shortage of pressure on several matters, and feedback from readers, even if it's a simple, "I like your work" matters a lot.

Hopefully things will be improving for her soon and her work continues.

Art by "Tigers Kitten"

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