Friday, April 15, 2016

Team Sunbeamer Meeting

On Sunday January 10, several members of the Sunbeamer team met to discuss concerns and ideas for events. Besides the "Fox Avatar Challenge," and the annual air show, other ideas were discussed. One was a coin game that the region used to have, "That's something NO team will be doing.  And it's fun, and we can use the village around us on this sim. ... find a coin and get a prize." Another idea was for a "Mad Hatter" event. There were also plans to do a joint event for another team.

Becky Shamen wasn't there, but she had placed this stuffed cat at the table ahead of time. Perhaps a sample of what she's making.

Be on the lookout for more events by Team Sunbeamer soon, and don't forget to check other teams.

Go Relay!

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