Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Progress on the SL13B Sims

Almost a month since the Second Life 13th Birthday sims first went up, there's been some progress on the land. From the map, the "13" symbols are gone, and it looks like some of the infrastructure has been built.

On a greater scale, the SL13B sims are just south of the Social Islands, where newer residents can get advanced tutorials about Second Life (if they can avoid the trolls in the more packed ones). Some distance away to the south are Torley Linden's watermellon-colored sims, and to the southeast the Second Life Mainland continent of Heterocera.

"The Birthday" is still two months away. Much has yet to be done, the applications for exhibitors and entertainers yet to be given out. But progress is ongoing. We'll report on more details as they come in. Keep an eye on the SL13 blog for more information.

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