Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sunweaver Estates to Lower Rent Thanks to "A Special Coyote"

About ten days after Linden Lab announced their limited time offer to reduce sim tiers for a fee, it seems the Sunweaver and Angel Estates have now been able to take advantage of it, thanks to the generosity of one of the residents.

RECoyote Mindes, whom owns a place in the estates along with his partner Perri Prinz, communicated with Rita Mariner and Nydia Tungsten, and offered to take care of the fees Linden Lab was asking for, Rita announcing the details.

I got confirmation that the tier on Sunweaver Bay and Sunweaver Isle has been successfully reduced.  Thanks to a gift from a special coyote.  As soon as Nydia and I can discuss the level of rent reduction, I will put that immediately into place on my sims. ...

I have discussed it with Nydia, and for the time being the rent reduction I have put in place will stay.  All of you will see a rent reduction of between a couple hundred to several thousand lindens in your rent, depending on the amount of your parcel.  I Hopefully have hit all the affected rent boxes,  If I missed any, please inform me, I'll take care of it.  Enjoy your savings, courtesy of RECoyote.

Chatting about the deal with others, all of the Sunweavers I talked to were very happy with RECoyote, or "Rec" as he's usually called here. The gratitude did not necessarily extend to Linden Lab, the overall  feeling was the Lab offered the deal not out of goodwill to their customers, but was simply a calculated business decision of theirs, a couple reminding me that past experience with the Lindens has cost them what good will they have toward those who run Second Life, saying what kept them here were the friends they made here. One had some doubts the larger land barons would pass their savings onto the customers. Someone else responded there could very well be some increased competition for renters if it was seen some estates weren't lowering their rates or not lowering them much.

This hasn't been the first example of Rec's generosity as he's recently helped a couple neighbors, both of whom have contributed to the community as well, one with a new computer and another a high-end tablet designed for doing artwork. A couple residents mentioned they were planning on giving Rec a small token of their appreciation. The details of which will be revealed once he sees it for himself.

A fine example of a neighbor helping out his virtual community.

Bixyl Shuftan

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