Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What sets Datemyavi apart from other dating services in Second Life?

Back in September of 2011 Zanidu Titian was having a chat with a friend. They were discussing dating panels in Second Life and how he was not a fan of the way they were set up. He felt they needed more options and he felt he could come up with a better design. His friend dared him and a few days later he created and opened where the singles could not only have the opportunity for others to see their in world panel, get brief information about them and "Like" their panel, but now they could also set up their own page on the website giving more information about themselves and what they are seeking. In world you can set up a panel that others can view and "like" and as a bonus option, on the site you can search, Vote (Hot or Not), Share blogs, search forums, chat and much more!

At this time the website has been going through a complete overhaul and once launched will be one of the most user friendly dating sites out there. The panels still continue and are constantly being updated but the greatest thing about the panels at DMA is the fact that they do not do an automatic "Match". No obligations, no trial. You can get the name of the person that likes you and if you are interested you can either like them back or just directly message them!

But, the matches don't stop there! For over a year and half DMA has been hosting Speed Dating. Five days a week, either afternoon or evening you can come over and participate in Speed Dating for a chance to meet that special someone. As well a prize can sometimes be won at the end! In fact tonight's winning prize was a Gift Card for a very highly discounted experience over at The Falls Restaurant, which is DMA's unique dining experience. The perfect place to take that date!

DMA has several other things to do and areas to explore on the sim such as an underwater movie theater, The Back Alley (Bowling and games), picnic areas, volleyball court, dancing and contest areas, several romantic cuddle spots, fishing and a nude beach.

So if you are looking for a potential significant other, stop in at Datemyavi and check out all they have to offer. They have a very friendly staff who are always willing to answer any questions you may have. And hey if you like the place enough, you can always talk to them about job opportunities. A great place to play and work!

Check out Datemyavi located at

Datemyavi is also on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more

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