Friday, May 22, 2015

Press Release: Caledon's 5th Annual Time Essential Airship Wreck Race

Greetings gentles all,

Saturday, May 23rd, sees the running of the 5th Annual Time Essential Airship Wreck Race, in aid of RFL of SL 2015, and fun:)

The race involves pilots flying between a series of aerial platforms, and leaving a prim from their vehicles at each station. I wish to reassure residents that the aerial platforms are temporary structures, that will be erected no earlier than is strictly necessary for setting up the course, and they will be removed within hours of the event being over. They will sited at carefully chosen locations, over Commonwealth land, and the surrounding areas have also been surveyed to make sure that no stray prims will cause any problems. There will only be a handful of prims dropped during the whole event anyway:)

The nature of the TEAWR means that Judges are required to oversee the platforms, one Judge at each. To this end we are seeking volunteers for this responsible and very fun duty - if you feel would like to volunteer, please message me for a notecard explaining what's involved, and then indicate your interest to Miss Darlingmonster Ember via IM or notecard.

The TEAWR is set to start at 9am SLT on May 23rd, so Judges will need to be on hand before this and ready to man their given stations by around 8.45am SLT. The time of the start has been chosen to give the greatest number of residents the chance to participate. More details on the TEAWR itself are to be found in this notecard;

We thank you for your interest and good nature toward this event, and welcome all to come and watch the spectacle that is The Time Essential Airship Wreck Race!

Solace Fairlady
Team Caledon RFL of SL 2015

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