Friday, May 8, 2015

Linden Moles Create SS Galaxy Preservation Group

While Linden Lab as a whole seems to have let the cruise liner SS Galaxy, Second Life's largest build, go, it appears to be a different story among the Moles. Henning Lionheart (The Slobrador), one of the staff of the ship, informed the Newser of a "SS Galaxy Preservation Society" group. The creator of the group, not one of the staff, but Mogura Linden, one of the "moles" of the Department of Public Works.

Membership of the group is small, just five accounts, at least as of the writing of this brief. All that were visible on the group page online were other moles of the DPW.

Will this move by the moles lead to the return of the SS Galaxy? Time will tell. For now, what is certain is not everyone with "Linden" as a surname has given up on this classic build.

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