Saturday, November 27, 2010

Loco Pocos Up For Sale, Island to Close

After running the sucessful Loco Pocos tiny avatar brand for over two years with the help of his real-life wife Washu Zebrastripe, Damien Fate has decided to put it up for sale and close its sim Loco Pocos Island.

For over two years, Loco Pocos has been a presence in Second Life, as the makers of one of the most popular brands of Tiny avatar, as well as a fun sim filled with things to do. In his blog, Damien Fate states, “Loco Pocos has sold over 10,000 avatars and over 50,000 accessories – and that doesn’t even include all the free stuff!” Hamlet Au calculated, “With (Loco Pocos) avatars selling for L$350 a piece and accessories going for L$100, that translates to a very impressive US$35,000 gross.”

But in Damien’s words, “Those of you who have been following Loco Pocos over the years have probably noticed that lately, I haven’t been around. My career has taken a different direction as of 2010, each new job I take is moving me further and further away from Second Life, which means I have less and less time to devote to the products I love, like Loco Pocos.”

“Loco Pocos is a fantastic brand, very popular and appealing, it has a lot going for it – the only downside is my lack of involvement to keep things fresh. I don’t want to neglect it anymore, yet I don’t have the time to give it the care it truly deserves. So, with several months of thinking this through, I have decided to do what is best and move on completely. Loco Pocos, as a business, is for sale.”

Damien goes on to say, “Loco Pocos has a large existing consumer base in Second Life, all just waiting for the next accessory or avatar to hit the shelves, it also has a development kit available for budding creators to release their own line of Loco Pocos compatible accessories. ”

Hamlet Au describes Damien’s main effort these days on, “a social media advertising house which now employs a number of staffers from the Electric Sheep Company, the metaverse development studio which had its heyday during Second Life's 2007 boom times.”

Of Loco Poco Island, it “was not just the home of the Loco Pocos mainstore, it was also host to lots of secrets and a compelling island adventure based on a fantastic storyline following visitors to the island. This experience was offered for free to residents of Second Life, with lots of games and free items to win. However, regrettably, the Island Adventure must come to a close. Loco Pocos Island will shut down on November 27th, 2010.”

Damien has asked those interested in buying Loco Pocos to email him at

“Many thanks to all the visitors and customers that made the island adventure available for over 2 years, now it’s time to move on. ... It’s time to give Loco Pocos the life it deserves!”

Bixyl Shuftan

Sources: New World Notes, “Damien’s Fate” Blog

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