Saturday, November 20, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Delinda Dyrrsen Passes Away

We had only just heard Delinda Dyrrsen had fallen into a coma, when worse news came in.

It is with a broken heart I write this note. I was to meet Dan (her RL friend) this morning to take him to more events so Delinda could hear the music she loves so much. He contacted me this this morning to inform me that we lost her. He did not provide a lot of details, I don't think he had them but he did say her heart stopped and they could not get it started again. I know this will hit very hard since we thought she was improving but I would like for you to join me in continuing to pray for Delinda's family as they process this and grieve. Her cousin will try to keep us informed of any RL memorial services via her twitter thread at

Tangle Giano

If you care to gather the Pocket has opened it's doors for everyone.

Later on, came a more official buliten:

I regret to have to tell you, Denise passed away this morning at 8:05 am from cardiac arrest.

Her Dr said that her kidney illness had taken a toll on her heart and unfortunately she could not hold on. Last night we all saw how much people on Secondlife loved her and they now consider them a part of their extended family. They want to thank them from the bottom of their hearts for bringing so much love to her last few hours on this earth. Her doctor told us that the tears we saw in her eyes were probably a reaction to hearing her friends who got to talk to her.. and the music that brought her so much joy.

Her family is requesting In lieu of flowers, people may send a donation in her name (Denise Williams) to and / or Shay kelly of Project 50/50 who inspired her more than she (Shay Kelly) would ever know.

Denise was 32 years old. She had so much she wanted to do in this world. We will miss her.

God takes the good ones early.

The Pocket is at Freestar Bay Isle (242, 22, 22)

Delinda got her start at Second Life Newspaper, later getting a job at and Tonight Live, and becoming part owner of "The Pocket" dance club. She ran the Live n Kickin music show on Treet until it was recently canceled.

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