Friday, November 12, 2010

CARP Announces the Release of Metaverse Art Books

The founders of Artspace Diabolus Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP), Josina Burgess and Velazquez Bonetto are pleased to announce the publication of "Metaverse Art", a series of four books available via print on-demand. The production of the four volumes is a collaborative effort between CARP and Nazz Lane, the noted author of Lane's List a popular Second Life blog. The four volumes of Metaverse Art bring to light the creative minds of many of Second Life’s notable artists and content creators. These are the cutting edge creators, who are utilizing the virtual worlds to extend art into this newest space of human existence, the Metaverse.

In his forward to the book, DC Spensley asks, “What makes Metaverse Art interesting and important?” This is a very important question DC asks of the reader to which he provides an answer, discussing the evolution of information age media, social media and the integration them into an artistic community located in virtuality. He then concludes his forward with,”The shared virtual space for art is no less than revolutionary in that it creates a conceptual location for the next wave of art movements … this is the culture of confluence, hybridity and syncretism.”

Metaverse Art Book 2008-2010 01 210 pages 32,95 euro

Metaverse Art Book 2008-2010 02a 184 pages 27,95 euro

Metaverse Art Book 2008-2010 02b 212 pages 32,95 euro

Metaverse Art Book 2008-2010 03 172 pages 27,95 euro

A publication of the Artspace Diabolus Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) 2010 copyrights: Artspace Diabolus Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) 2010
Josina Burgess aka. Jose den Burger (Amsterdam Holland)
Nazz Lane (USA)
Velazquez Bonetto aka. László Ördögh Diabolus (Stuttgart Germany)

Forward: DanCoyote Antonelli aka DC Spensley (USA)

Metaverse snapshots:
Helfe Ihnen
Igor Ballyhoo
Josina Burgess
MillaMilla Noel
Tyrhel Byk
Alizarin Goldflake
Chrom Underwood
Velazquez Bonetto

All media inquires contact: Nazz Lane in Second Life or

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