Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Podex Exchange

Podex is Linden Lab affiliated company specializing in the exchange of virtual currency (lindens) in the world of Second Life.

We have been successfully operating on Second Life market since May 2007 gradually widening our services by helping avatars to find their own land without registration Premium Account , offering virtual credit card to our best customers and the affiliate program

We are registered as an official Linden Lab reseller and Risk Api operator in Second Life, and we can guarantee the absolute legality of all transactions.

All personal data processing is done outside of Podex by Dotpay, international money transfer company Dotpay. This makes Podex one of the safest services of lindens exchange in Second Life.

We are glad to help you in all cases regarding our services, and in general Second Life matter . Feel free to contact us via our Support page or in Second Life.

Try out our service – thousands of our satisfied customers can not be wrong.

Jacek Shuftan – Podex Exchane CEO

The Podex office is located in the Moonberry sim at (26, 223, 34)

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  1. (Bixyl) Our second sponsor, Jacek was more than happy to buy ad space here. I had hoped to interview him this month, but it got postponed. Those who don't have dollars to exchange for Lindens, but Euros and several other currencies, will find the place useful.