Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Note From The Editor About Recent Articles

I had a few words with a friend on Facebook, who wondered if the Second Life Newser team was losing interest in Second Life. While we've always reported on something related to computers and other virtual worlds on occasion, lately there's been a number of them. Plus, a few of the reporters haven't been as active as usual.

This is for a few reasons. In recent days, there's been a number of developments outside Second Life that concerned at least some residents of the Grid, or which I felt were relevant in some way. For instance, the development of Runescape deciding to involve players in the punishment of offenders I felt would be very interesting to a resident whose favorite sims are plagued by griefers. As for the reporters, some have had real life matters to attend to, and others were busy working away to find and write articles. This weekend I got a number in the mailbox which will appear this week.

If there's something out there you feel isn't getting attention, by all means let us know. And of course we're interested in any Reader Submissions you the readers may have.

Stay tuned for a month full articles of what October in Second Life offers.

Bixyl Shuftan

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