Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SL Machinima: "The Twilight Sim - It's a Bloomin' Halloween!"

"When four curious teens decide to enter the spooky house on the hill, is it a frightening dream or a hilarious nightmare? Either way, the eyes have it.

"Running Lady Studios, (RLS) the animation studio that brought you the comedy/thriller "Cruise Control", and Virtual Girl Productions' (VGP) Gameela Wright (AvaJean Westland in Second Life) are teaming up again. Last year they brought you the hilarious 'Coffee Schlock with AJ - Special Guest, Harold Camping.' This year, they have a cooked up a special little treat for your Halloween goodie bags.

"The animated short, filmed on Linden Lab's Second Life game platform, was penned by stage and screen actress Gameela Wright and directed by K. DaVette See (Suzy Q. Yue in Second Life). 'Bloomin' ' pokes gentle fun at Halloween tropes and pop culture icons while following the antics of four teens, a mad scientist, and a trio of precocious little girls. The hills may have eyes, but they are REALLY cute. Ms. Wright narrates, as her Second Life avatar, AvaJean Westland, the alternately amusing and spooky tale."

Click here if the video isn't showing:

 From the SL Enquirer