Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Family Fun at Dreams of Hope

 One day I was invited to a fishing contest at Dreams of Hope. It was such a sweet looking sim.  I went back to check it out. Daviano Jack Constantine and Shelby Marie Constantine have created a playland for SL kids and their families. It is a safe place for SL kids and is  bustling with activities to suit all ages, but catering to the SL kids who know how to have fun!  
There are fishing contests, of course, and hiking, horse riding and biking trails through lush greenery. You can take a boat ride if you want. I liked the playground with all the toys to play with. Camp weekends are planned so families can get together.  I attended a story reading time that was great.  Daviano read a cute story to the kids who attended and had lots of comments to make about it. 
One morning I was able to get to a breakfast and met some of the kids. One had the most fun ribbing the others and hoping to avoid getting sent to “time out”!! I did notice that Daviano want off to make coffee while Shelby was left to be the ”bad one,” LOL! There was lots of burping and belching and giggles. 
I asked one of the kids, Brandon, what he liked about the group and told me,”I came on SL back in February. I found the camp purely by accident. It caught my eye right away. I loved the look of it. Holly did such a wonderful job. I started coming regularly. We had camp on the weekend and went on field trips, listen story, dressed up and had dance contest, colored Easter eggs and much more. Its one of my favorite sims and hope it stays around for a long time. Its changed so much but everyone there is very close. Like a family.“ 
The food was good too, bacon and eggs. There are parties several days a week in the amphitheater with live entertainers and also DJs with contests for “best in.“  Everyone who attends has a lot of fun. Take a trip over to see the sim and join the group. If you really like it you can rent a place there.

Gemma Cleanslate

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  1. DOH is the greatest sim :D I started going there as a kid (on my kid avi) but even as an adult I love going there.I love taking my daughter there too,always a safe and fun place

    -Corissa Faith