Monday, October 8, 2012

The Corner is Haunted

Halloween is coming! We are on the watch for haunted houses for you to explore. Vickijo Rivera’s Corner of Revolving Time has a great one set out on Ophelia across from the Corner Shop. Before you enter at the gate, pick up a preloader and wear it to enhance your visuals inside the house. 

From the sign you can pick up an information card that tells you to be watchful of bats inside the house. If you catch them you will get a gift! There are 29 of them so get ready to search them out. They are over and under and you will have to look carefully to find them because they are very sly and elusive! Listen for the sounds of... life... ghosts? You decide. Don’t miss the antique pictures on the wall, perhaps the former residents. Stop and study them for  a moment as you pass through the halls. You may find some distant relatives.  

There are three floors of mystery and fun. As you leave the house walk around to the side so you wont miss the cemetery. When you exit the gate you will see a myriad of free Halloween decor for the taking. I love the poofer rugs on the walkway. All this work was done by Zain Darkwatch and Pink Josephina for your haunted pleasure.  

The hunt will be there until November 1. Put it on your list!

Gemma Cleanslate

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