Saturday, October 27, 2012

Press Release: 1st Annual Bombers Competition

All planes must be WW2 era planes

Categories: Level Bombing, Dive Bombing, Anything Goes

Prizes:1st place-1000L 2nd place-500 L 3rd place-250L (this is for each category). Also a raffle in each category event.

Level Bombing Event-
Player must remain above 100m at all times, no loops or dives down to 100m. Must use bombs only, no cannons/rockets/guns/etc. An admin will ride along to make sure the 100m rule is not broken (if not a 2 seater,admin can ride on the wing). 5 attempts given, to kill target or score as many points possible (yes you can kill the target multiple times if you kill it the first time, just give a chance for the damage to be reset).

Dive Bombing Event-
Player is to divebomb (duh). Must use bombs only, no cannons/rockets/guns/etc. May only take 20 hp damage from their own bombs (if you fly too low), after that, you will be considered "too damaged and must return to base". 5 attempts given, same idea as with the Level Bombing for points.

Anything Goes Event-
Use whatever you want (must still be WW2), do what you want, 3 passes instead of 5.

As a reminder, the event will be on Sunday October 28th, 5pm SLT. Sponsored by Skunkette Aviation,Shana Enterprises, BuzzworX, and the JG52.

The location is New Fallout (43, 142, 3590)

See you there!

Jessicabelle Dayafter

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