Monday, October 15, 2012

Haunted Enchantment Isle

The Enchantment Island Haunted, Spooky, Ghosts and Creepy is my third haunted house to visit. Luckily there is a notecard that you will use to help you enjoy all the fun in the house. The visit to the dining room is eye opening. Have a seat! A very spooky skeleton band will entertain you in the music room. 

There are interactive activites if you look for them. Have a seat in the living room and you will see a delightful skeleton who dances just for you.  Watch that fire place in the living room . Climb the stairs to the upper floor and knock on the doors . The master bedroom is full of fun to find. The attic is especially poignant as you listen to the voices of the children and find their toys scattered about. You wonder what happened to them all. 

This house was built by Aragon Sommer with Bambitwice Nightly of the Museum of Illusions and Magic, about which I wrote last year. Hidden places await you, just have to find them. Luckily for us there are clues in the notecard. After you visit the house, outside the gate there is a teleport to the store where you can actually take home some of the parts of the house, or all of it!

Gemma Cleanslate

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