Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nydia Tungsten's Angels' Beach Land Rentals

Nydia Tungsen in Second life is a great person when you get to know her. Warm funny and caring and she seems gifted on how to run a business and sims. She put a lot of great care and hard work into making her Angels' Beach Land Rentals a great place to rent a place to call home. I visited her one day and chatted with her wanting to hear more about her estates. She said humans are welcome just like furries like me.

For one thing you’re not stuck with ho-hum housing With 11 sims there’s lot of variety of places to call home. One is the Southern Colorado sim set in a beautiful environment. Here you can rent a wonderful house for 1,750 per week or 7k per month. A great way to hold a dinner party or live in glamor you could even hold a small dance party and have room left over for beds and board games. Also on the bottom of the Southern Colorado sim there were drums to play with. Nydia was saying it’s really fun to play with them with 4 or 5 people at once.

Sherkin Island and Furrection are sims for humans and furries who want a place to call home but aren’t looking to spend a lot of linden. For 800L per month you can own a parcel to create a house. Don’t have a house? Nydia can give you a house on the house. As an added bonus Nydia’s partner Brandi has a custom texture shop where she adds textures to vehicles such as cars and motorcycles called “Brandi’s Custom Painting.”

Another great feature is Nydia does her best to keep out any greifers off her sims. The result is a friendly environment on the Sherkin Island sim that Nydia guided me around. I was greeted by warm and friendly people like Sabeen Schmidt and Helios Auxifur. The next day I asked Helilos was it okay to play a board game at her house, and she said it was fine.

Nydia is a reasonable person as well if you’re behind of your weekly or monthly rent she can work something out with you. On top of that from what I understand Nydia is also a caring person to talk with, so if something is bothering you don’t be shy. You can talk to her and she’ll make you feel better.

I talked with the residents of Sherkin Island and they only had positive things to say about Nydia. Helios Auxifur said, “And yes I’ve tried to bring a few friends here. The trouble has been almost everybody I know on SL already has a spot somewhere.” Sounds like Helios wants to share the positive friendly environment with others.

If you want a place to call home in the pixel universe of Second Life check out Nydia’s Angels' Beach Estates I’m sure she can find the right home just for you.

Grease Coakes

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