Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yoz Linden Leaving Linden Lab

On his Twitter page, Yoz Linden, Yoz Grahame in real life, wrote a message that stated he was leaving Linden Lab.

Thanks for everything, Linden Lab; it's been virtual. Always remember: YOU RUN A F***ING WORLD. This is Yoz Linden Signing out. ONWARDS!

Daniel Voyager listed Yoz's roles as "technical lead for Linden Lab, social applications," and "web infrastructure." A year and a half ago, The Economist printed an article about how as one of the developers of the computer game "Starship Titanic,"  Yoz started an "Employee Forum" on the website which turned into it's own online community. When the company that made the game went under, rather than let the forum simply die, Yoz took it under his wing, "I moved it to my own hosting." Hamlet Au mused at the time if Second Life ever went under, Yoz might come to the rescue once again by taking home some of the servers.

While he probably won't be coming to rescue the Grid should such a day come, it's likely we'll hear from him again on another computer-related project.

Sources: Daniel Voyager, Hamlet Au
Image Source: Twitter, Quora

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. I hope he takes the knowledge of what doesn't work, and creates a new competing VW that has all the serious bugs fixed. You know; the stuff we've been asking for repairs on since... 2005.