Monday, September 3, 2012

Herman Bergson's Philosophy Class

The summer break is over and our Philosophy class is about to begin again. Last semester we completed a study of “The Utopia of the Free Market.” You can read the lectures and discussions at

Herman Bergson, our Professor is ready with a new theme for the coming semester which begins the first week of September. I asked what would be the philosophical lectures of the coming semester and he told me, “Like Communism as an economic system collapsed, so is Capitalism now. We have to face the question 'What next?' In this project we'll investigate and analyze what is wrong with neo-liberalism and what alternatives we'll have.”

The classes in Second Life go back to 25 September of 2007, meeting twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00PM SL time for about 1 hour, and you are all invited to join. I have been attending since almost the beginning and had learned a great deal about philosophers and their philosophies.

Although I have missed some of the classes it is easy to keep in touch with the lectures at the website above so if you would like to join don’t worry, you will not lose credits if you miss a class or have to leave early. Don’t be put off by the theme. He makes it easy to understand and you are invited to ask questions and add comments at the close of each lecture.

Come visit the classroom at the Professor’s home:

Gemma Cleanslate

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