Wednesday, September 5, 2012

LA Gallery Of Fine Arts Closes

Lana Simondsen Eleonara (Lana Simondsen), the owner of the LA Gallery Of Fine Arts, announced on Monday the location would be closing.

As owner/curator of LA Gallery Of Fine Arts it has been my pleasure to be able to share the work of some of the most wonderful artists in SL. Unfortunately the gallery is closing. I want to thank so many people who have been supportive and encouraging in the year the gallery was open... You know who you are and I send you my sincere gratitude.

In her profile, Lana dedicated the gallery, "to my love of art and to my family, Scotj Criss and Katie Burner who taught me to love art." She credited her friend Prometheus Suivios with building it.

In his blog entry, Daniel Voyager noted that the place was empty, sadly commenting, "you know something is going to happen to this place next."

The LA Gallery Of Fine Arts is at Myrtle Cove (25, 22, 21)

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