Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Job in Counter-Terrorism, Second Life Experience Desired, May Require Travel to Afghanistan

With attention on 9/11 this week, New World Notes had an article about a certain job offer from Lockheed Martin. They're looking for a "Counter Threat Finance Analyst" for a job in Tampa Florida to work with US Central Command. Among the desired skills, "Knowledge of emerging alternative and mobile payment methods is also desired (Bitcoin, Secondlfe, etc.)" The hitch, there may be occasional work in Afghanistan.

Hamlet Au did note there's been plenty of trade between Bitcoin and Second Life's Linden dollars, and wondered "if CENTCOM has reason to believe that the Taliban are using Second Life and Bitcoin for those purposes." Far-fetched perhaps, but it seems lately the terrorists have been using Facebook to create fake profiles of attractive girls to lure soldiers into revealing sensitive information.

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