Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pirate Night at Club Zero Gravity Tonight

"Avast ye landlubbers! Tis true "Talk Like a Pirate Day" be not til tomorrow, but ye git o' chance ta revel a wee bit early. Club Zero Grav'ty be havin' it's Pirate Party tonight. So git yer peglegs, yer cutlasses, yer eyepatches, yer parrots on th' shoulder, and whateva mark ye as one o' th' Brotherhood o' th' Coast. So no time ta arrrrrrgue, git yer best buccaneer look an' be quick about it or ye walk th' plank."

Shockwave Yareach will be the DJ for tonight, with a prize of at least 500 Lindens for the best pirate look. The party starts at 6PM SL time tonight.

Club Zero is at the Purrfection Estates (229, 11, 3365)

"Brought to you by the letter 'Arrrrrrrr.' "

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