Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mouse Hole Manor Is Back

In February, Mouse Hole Manor, the home of Nydia Tungsten and her partner Brandi Streusel,was taken down. In place of the castle, which had been up for some years, went a more modern home that was up for a few months until it came down when Nydia and Cynthia Farshore exchanged sims. In Pacific Waters, Nydia had a smaller home on an island for a time. But this week, she and Brandi made the decision to bring back the Manor.

"Well, we have been talking about it," Nydia told the Newser, "We kept having problems with the other ones. Now we are finding out a lot of others missed it as well, and the phrase 'Local Icon' kept kicking around in the back of my head. But most of all, we feel, this is home."

Nydia is still setting things up, so anyone dropping by in the next few days will see some bare rooms. While nothing is set in stone, except perhaps for the castle walls, there will be some differences between Mouse Hole Manor now and from it's previous days. It's days as a place for business and planning meetings for the Angels group are pretty much over as those are done in the nearby office building in the southeastern part of Pacific Waters. The theater had been removed to make the "Float-In Theater" to the east. What there will be more of are games for Nydia, Brandi, and her friends, such as "Greedy." The island the Manor sits on has more trees on it, thinly wooded. Nydia says the place will be likely be the setting for special event such as weddings in the future. For now though, Nydia is happy to have her castle back, "Feels like home."

Bixyl Shuftan

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