Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Linden Lab Giving Out Halloween Gifts, Haunted Halloween Tour Returns

Linden Lab no doubt has been blamed, rightly or wrongly, for a number of tricks on the residents. This Halloween, they have a few (almost) harmless tricks, as well as some treats. They announced details on their blog last week.

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up and reveling in the spirit of all things spooky - there’s also that whole bag full of delicious treats your gather - so here are some stops you’re going to want to make to get your goodies. Exclusively for Premium members - we have Mary O’net - a special edition, wearable Glytch avatar. Mary is the perfect combination of elegant and creepy - a delight to don and dance away in haunted halls and stages all across the Grid!   ... There’s also a bag bursting full of free treats for everyone! Just drop by Portal Park and see what’s in store for you inside the gift bag! There’s something for everyone inside - so be sure to drop by!

I headed to Portal Park (incognito), and in front of the portal to the Haunted Halloween Tour ride (more on that later), I saw a couple of gift boxes. I got them, took them to a sandbox, and in one found a few goodies, including a skeleton avatar and a "Flying Eggling" vehicle that goes about by way of a rocket. In the other was a "trick or treat" bag, one that really does give out tricks or treats.

Are you ready for Halloween? Because we want to be sure, we have prepared a special Trick or Treat bag for you!  It's loaded with everything you'll need to enjoy the holiday with friends. (Well, mostly tricks, but you can find plenty of treats in Second Life.) Tyrah and Punkee designed this bag to build on the new inworld game, "Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches."  You can set it on your doorstep as a surprise for curious visitors or you and your friends can dream up ways to use it for party games. Each time someone clicks on the bag, it chooses a random result.  Usually it's a trick -- try it and see! -- but every once in a while it offers a treat for the person who clicked it.  So ..... First person to get the treat wins?  Or maybe you have to give everyone else a treat if the bag plays a particular trick on you?  You make up the rules.   Or just have fun.

Rezzing the bag on the ground, I clicked it a few times. Occasionally it would give me the "treat," a 2 Euro coin. Usually there was some other result. Most commonly, the bag would catch on fire, or bats would fly around. Other results included apples flying out of the bag, the bag turning into a jack o' lantern, the bag flying off, or the bag ending up on your head. Ha ha!

To get these Halloween gifts, head over to Portal Park 1 (175/118/52)

For Premium Residents, there's a Glytch avatar, "Mary O'net." The areas to pick it up it, such as Unttan (130/128/81), are accessible only to Premium Residents. To help encourage residents to upgrade their accounts, Linden Lab is offering 50% off their first quarterly payment if they sign up for Premium, until November 2.

Also, Linden Lab announced the return of the Haunted Halloween Tour

Who says sequels never live up to the originals? The spine-chilling Haunted Tour is back again - and this third installment is scarier than ever! Some new additions to this house of horrors have been crafted for your enjoyment. Hop in a coffin and enjoy the wild wide through. By the way - if you have a fear of clowns, you may want to make sure you bring a friend!

Stepping through, I saw an old abandoned manor up a hill ahead. A coffin-like car rezzed. Once in the ride took control of my view, so there was no panning around. The scenery was unnerving, and those with a problem with blood and gore might not want to get on, but I didn't see anything that was likely to cause heart trouble. 

To go on the Halloween Haunted Tour, like the gifts head over to Portal Park 1 (175/118/52

To see Linden Lab's post in full: Click here

Bixyl Shuftan 

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