Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tail Sale At Club Zero Gravity Ends Today

The tail sale (aka date auction) at Club Zero Gravity ends tonight. At a special party at the club at 6PM, over the next two hours, the bids will be declared final on each of the ladies one by one. The five ladies are, Brandi Streusel, Dusk Griswold, Megami Yuzuki, Skylark Lefavre (Snowy Sugar Blossom), and Nydia Tungsten. Already, the bids are in the thousands of Lindens. So come make your bids.

Tail sale ends tomorrow night at a special event at Zero Gravity.
We will be using dice again this year to en the sale for each model in the sale.
the event will be at 6 pm SLT to 8 PM SLT

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